April 30

FROM CUBA / Town's Mayor beats youth / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Military negligence blamed for traffic accident / Decoro

FROM CUBA / Demand for typewriter ribbons up in Cuba / CPI

FROM CUBA / Phone communications between Cuba and Europe difficult / CPI

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Castro calls Colin Powell leader of 'lackeys' / CNS News

Cuban teachers will relieve shortages in science and maths: Mbeki / ANC daily news briefing

Sprint warns consumers: Beware of claims discounting calls to Cuba / Yahoo!

Promise of cures lures tourists to Cuba / Chicago Tribune

Powell's dangerous Castro comments / NewsMax

A dream trip turns sinister vacationer never returns / The Globe and Mail

April 27

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuban American foundation to get retraction from Washington group / Sun-Serntinel

US defends Cuba embargo / BBC News

Castro and "His People" / National Review

Czechs check out Miami with trade office / Sun-Sentinel

Chinatown is fading with age in Cuba / Chicago Tribune

El Duque's thoughts with ailing dad in Cuba / NY Post

Cuban Relations / The Washington Post

Powell praises ruthless dictator Castro / NewsMax

April 26

FROM CUBA / Jailed journalist denied parole / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / Coachman suspects he was set up because he is a dissident / CPIC

FROM CUBA / Ex-police captain dies trying to reach American base / APLO

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / Miami Herald

UN Cuban resolution result of pressure, promises / Czech Today

April 25

FROM CUBA / Three provincial Communist Party leaders demoted / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Cuban railroads last recourse for travelers / María Elena Rodríguez

Dollars decide what you wear in Cuba / RWF

South Africa and Castro's apartheid / Frank Calzón / Miami Herald

A hemispheric shift to dictator-free trade zone / SunSpot

Havana is polishing its old city / Boston Globe

Elián relatives to receive share of woman's estate / Miami Herald

April 24

FROM CUBA / Political prisoners on hunger strike / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Brothers kept away from father's funeral / Grupo Decoro

Patients say Cuban nurse now living in Miami tortured political prisoners / Sun-Serntinel

Cuba shoos away U.S. freighter / Virtual New York

Cuba Attacks U.S., Canada Over Exclusion From Americas Summit / CNS News

Lawmakers ask deportation of Cuban 'torturer' from U.S. / Miami Herald

Sanchez and Sandoval blast past labels / LA Times

Exiles can help us all to heal / Max J. Castro / Miami Herald

April 23

FROM CUBA / Critical shortage of reagents for clinical labs / Reinaldo Cosano Alén

FROM CUBA / Young man shot to death / APSIC

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / BBC News

New trade pact bans dictators / NY Post

Free trade zone for democracies only / Chicago Sun-Times

Tolerance no longer rare / Guillermo I. Martinez / Miami Herald

UF to help preserve Cuba's archives / Orlando Sentinel

Conflict Over a Cuban Hero / LA Times

Bush 'not cleaning house' at Justice Department / WorldNetDaily

Outrage at 'secret' draft of Cuban teachers / Independent Online

Bush hails Cuba censure / Virtual NY

April 20

FROM CUBA / Residents see street searches and arrests as arbitrary / AFPCP

FROM CUBA / New mother refuses to leave hospital / UPECI

FROM CUBA / High manpower use in tobacco crop / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Dissident's trial postponed / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Chretien says he tried to get Castro to sign United Nations rights covenant / CNews

Cuba News / Czech Today

Cuba cenbank chief heads for Paris talks on debt / Worldnews

Cuba's condemnation / Miami Herald

First US cargo service to Cuba / BBC News

Cigar Aficionado magazine to focus on travel to Cuba in May / Bloomberg

April 19

FROM CUBA / A blind Cuban dissident bears witness / Juan Carlos González Leyva / FCDH

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / Chicago Tribune

Cuba calls human rights censure a 'moral victory' / CNN

Friends of Fidel / Frank Calzon / The Washington Times

Elian Plus One / Miami New Times

Cuba kept away from American summit / The Times of India

April 18

FROM CUBA / Inmate dies due to lack of medical attention / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Several areas of Havana have no running water / APSIC

FROM CUBA / Water woes in Pinar del Río / CPI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

For Cuban exiles, scars still raw / MSNBC

Cuba kept away from American summit / The Times of India

The picture you weren´t supposed to see / The Washington Times

What are they celebrating in Cuba? / The Tampa Tribune

Friction between U.S., Cuba could grow / USA Today

Towards the America´s summit / The Washington Times

Soccer tourney skirts Miami / Miami Herald

Sherritt: from Fidel Castro to King Coal? / National Post

April 17

FROM CUBA / Plantain rationing results in melee / APLO

FROM CUBA / No dollars to repair ambulance's flat tire / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba commemorates Bay of Pigs / BBC News

Taking their game to Cuba / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Venezuela not to support Czech draft resolution on Cuba / Czech Today

Loss and betrayal / Miami Herald

Have we learned anything? / Max J. Castro / Miami Herald

Abril 16

Noticias de Cuba / El Nuevo Herald

Noticias de Cuba / Yupi Internet

Noticias de Cuba / Cuba Nueva

Noticias de Cuba / Yahoo!

Noticias de Cuba / Clarín

Cuba quema sus últimos cartuchos para evitar la condena de la ONU / ABC

Cuba aún no descarta invasión norteamericana / El Siglo

Miami, corte de los milagros / Gina Montaner / El Nuevo Herald

Cuba estrecha su alianza con China / El País

April 16

FROM CUBA / State officials less than ideal, say Communist Party officials / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Regional hospital in critical condition / Lux InfoPress

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Castro's brother says U.S. might invade Cuba / CNS

Cuba gets $400m in Chinese loans / BBC News

Havel criticizes Czech diplomats over anti-Cuban resolution / Czech Today

China exerts influence in Latin America /

April 13

FROM CUBA / Hospital patients carry their own water if they wish to wash / APLO

FROM CUBA / Residents without water for three days / CPIC

FROM CUBA / Garbagemen given soap and toothpaste as incentives for collecting recyclables / CPIC

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

CUBA: Journalist under house arrest / CPJ

Jiang praises Cuba's 'just struggle' in the face of 'outside interference' / CNS

Trade with Castro: A fiscal trap for Americans / Frank Calzon / Miami Herald

April 12

FROM CUBA / Human rights activist harassed / CPIC

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Habanos renews contract to send its premium cigars to China / Bloomberg

Retired U.S. general: Cuba spying was no threat / Sun-Sentinel

Many in Mexico's left want to assail Castro, as the right holds back / Miami Herald

April 11

FROM CUBA / Confiscated real estate to be registered in Camagüey / CPIC

FROM CUBA / Blackouts on the increase in Havana / AFPCP

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba is a victory from trip to Miami / Miami Herald

Walker's World: Rules of the road / Virtual NY

April 10

Lawmakers lobby to censure China, Cuba / Virtual NY

Resolution on Cuba has no impact on Cczech-U.S. relations / Czech Today

Costner takes missile movie to Cuba / BBC News

Archivist preserves Cuba history in longhand / The Washington Post

Cuba keeps itself on sidelines, Manley says / National Post

The Fidel Castro school of medicine /

Our man in Havana / Guardian Unlimited

Cuban whips up life in S.L. / Deseret News

It's a Prize Gig for Chucho / NY Daily News

April 9

FROM CUBA / Cuban refused medical care at the hospital for not being a foreigner / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Policeman beats woman for complaining about power blackout / Decoro

Cuba News / BBC News

Brigade ousts 2 for trip to Cuba / Miami Herald

Outside investors face 'slave labor' suit / The Washington Times

Havana Film Festival returns to New York / Daily News

Recalling Cuban 'boat lift,' the price of freedom / Seattles Times

Books for Cuba? Read between the lines / Boston Globe

Following Cuba's road to ruin / News24

'13 Days' in Cuba With Kevin & Co. / Daily News

Nothing Personal, but You're a . . . / The Washington Post

April 6

FROM CUBA / Hospital administrator repairs his car with ambulance engine / Cuba Voz

FROM CUBA / Lack of water provokes public protest / UPECI

Castro footing medical school bill for American students / Yahoo!

Cuba tie-in nets Scots SMEs £200m / The Scotsman Online

Cuba cranks up its energy output / Chicago Tribune

When enough is enough / F.A.Z.

Test can tell genuine Cuban cigars from cheap fakes / National Post

April 5

FROM CUBA / Independent journalist held / APLO

FROM CUBA / FA woman and her two minor children evicted in Santiago de Cuba / APLO

FROM CUBA / Food sales figures released for April / Cuba-Verdad

GOP-led group to oppose embargo / The Washington Times

GOP-led group to oppose embargo / The Washington Times

Cuba blasts pro-democracy group at U.N. conference / CNS

An independent persona non grata / Sun-Sentinel

Public-health experts high on Cuba's medical degrees / Chicago Tribune

April 4

FROM CUBA / The buses are only for officials / Juan Téllez Rodríguez

FROM CUBA / The passenger, the driver, the police / Lucas Garve / CPI

Cuba News / CNS

Downstate students hope Cuba offers history, sand and salsa / Chicago Tribune

April 3

FROM CUBA / Police harass independent journalist / APLO

FROM CUBA / Patients mistreated at León Cuervo Hospital / UPECI

U.S. Human Rights Record Criticized / Yahoo!

Leaders meet foes of Castro / Miami Herald

House to take up Cuban human rights resolution / CNS

Castro Opens Internationalist Meeting / NewsMax

Fidel Castro´s apologist / The Washington Times

Another Cuban official blasts Bush State Department appointment / CNS

Cubans clamber for fabled fortune / National Post

April 2

FROM CUBA / Management threatens to fire dissident / APLO

FROM CUBA / Just one bus covers the route between Limonar and Matanzas / Decoro

Cuba News / CNS

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News /

Castro opens parliamentary junket / BBC News

Castro sends message to Qatar's emir / The Times of India

Fidel Castro accepts invite to Athens / Athens News

Cape Verdian Mps to attend IPU conference in Havana / allAfrica

Sightless in Cuba / The Washinton Post

Nominating Castro for Peace Prize is a bad joke / Paquito D'rivera / Miami Herald

Critical of Castro / Chicago Tribune

Opener is just day at park for Hernandez / Contra Costa Times

Cool to detest Castro? /



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