About us

Founded in 1994, CubaNet is a tax exempt, non partisan and non-profit organization that fosters free press in Cuba, assists its independent sector develop a civil society and informs the world about Cuba's reality.

CubaNet receives daily phone calls from ten independent press agencies and several freelancers in Cuba. These journalists write the non governmental version of the events and daily life in Cuba.

The work of these journalists is posted in this Web page, which receives an average of 325,000 hits per month and is used as an important source of information about Cuba in prestigious digital information organizations. In addition, some of these articles are translated into English and German, and posted in the respective sections of this page.

CubaNet utilizes a free of charge e-mail service, along with a fax service, to distribute worldwide a weekly selection (SEMANARIO CUBANET) of articles and news of the independent journalists. The e-mail list includes more than 1,000 members, which is composed of a large percentage of Cuban-Americans, but also includes journalists from international press and individuals from academic institutions and diplomatic corps.

CubaNet also receives information from other independent groups such as independent farmers, independent public libraries, and independent labor union groups.

In keeping with CubaNet's commitment to the free interchange of ideas, that is to say a free press, the Web Page holds English/Spanish articles from the international press and maintains an electronic link with the Cuban government official Web Pages.

CubaNet's directors are:

José Alberto Hernández, M.D., President
Rosa Berre, Vice President
Ignacio Fiterre, Vice President

The staff and volunteers are:

Lázaro González, Assistant
Olance Nogueras, Assistant Editor
Nivia Quintela, Webmaster
Aleida Vives, Assistant
Otto Alvarez, Technical Adviser Volunteer
Frank Díaz, Technical Adviser Volunteer
Gabriele Enderby, Translator Volunteer
Sergio Masvidal, Financial Adviser Volunteer
Nubia Quintela, Bookeeper Volunteer
Lucrecia Rodríguez, Volunteer
JoEllen Krueger, M.D., Adviser Volunteer
Genevieve Tejera, Translator Volunteer
Elena Treto, Translator Volunteer
José Manuel Hernández, Volunteer
Dr. José Manuel (Pepín) Hernández, Volunteer

CubaNet receives financial support from:

National Endowment for Democracy
Open Society Institute
United States Agency for International Develpment
Private donors, including two very special anonymous ones

CubaNet News, Inc.
145 Madeira Ave, Suite 207
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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