December 31

FROM CUBA / Varela Project supporter loses land / APLO

Leaking ammonia frightens residents / CPIC

FROM CUBA / Policeman fired for illegally selling coffee / CPIC

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

More News

December 30

Cuba News / Yahoo!

External links

Valley has stake in Cuban markets / The Californian

Iran, Cuba to sign MoU on sports / IRNA

Flood of visitors, ideas fuels tug-of-war in Cuba / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA

Sunol train group plans trip to see Cuba's steam locomotives / Orlando Tribune Online, FL

State ready for business when change comes to Cuba / Florida Today

Local group visits Cuba for festival / The Herald-Dispatch

Local girls headed to Cuba for all star tour / The Star, IL

Outgoing congressman says lift Cuba embargo / Tuscaloosa News, Alabama

Mission to Cuba / The Leaf-Chronicle, TN

Cuba, on and off track / Boston Globe

Agencies' study piqued interest in travel to Cuba / Sun-Sentinel, FL

Nations revisit Hemingway / Boston Globe

Cuba focuses on exporting its art / Fresno Bee, CA

Conservation efforts in Cuba transcend international politics / Naples Daily News, FL

December 27

Cuban migrants abandoned in Bahamas / The Miami Herald

Cuban-American Rep. Seeks Latino Vote / Yahoo!

External links

Cuba to organize the First World Dominos Tournament / Northern Light

Cuban-U.S. Team to Dig Into Hemingway's Past / LA Times

Beirut gets in step with Havana / The Daily Star, Beirut

Chavez Plans for Terrorist Regime / Insight Magazine

Loyola grant to help Hispanics / The Advocated Online News, LA

President On Cuba's Support / Northern Light

Nidia arrived in the U.S. from Cuba in April 2000, carrying just a few clothes, a Bible and a medical book. / Windsor-Highs Herald

December 26

FROM CUBA / Institutionalized Racism / Claudia Márquez Linares / Grupo Decoro

Red tape keeps child out of SA /

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

External links

Officials: More people traveling to Cuba from South Florida this holiday season / Herald Tribune, Florida

Abuse of Power /, Venezuela

Visas Denied /

December 24

Yankees, Red Sox Officals Seek Contreras / The Miami Herald

When violence, dialogue fail, try disobedience / The Miami Herald

External links

Cuba has emergency plans in case of oil shortage / The News Mexico

Cuba rejects charges of role in Venezuelan tanker case / The News Mexico

Reich Won't Be Confirmed By Senate, Committee Chairman Says /

U.S., Cuban collaboration grows / The Seattle Times

Hollywood goes Havana, Baghdad /

Toledoan may be coming home / Toledo Blade

U.S. threatens to fine man who posted Cuba news / Seattle Post-Intelligence

December 23

FROM CUBA / Brother of Mets' Ordóñez beat up on Havana street / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Sewer leaks at teachers' college / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Paya's Freedom Prize / The Miami Herald

External links

Few signs of season are found in Cuba / Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Congresswoman: Cuban revolutionary's remains found, may be returned to Ohio / Herald Tribune

Cuban accused of spying to be sent back to the island by U.S. / The News Mexico

Cuban Dinosaur: First Confirmed Remains Discovered / National Geographic News

Tobacco farmers turn to rebuilding / Sun-Sentinel, Florida

Fused Faiths / Sun-Sentinel, FL

Cuba's field of dreams /

Return to Cuba? / ABC News

Black Farmers to Sell Food to Cuba / Times Dispatch, VA

Lisandro Otero wins Cuba's National Literature Prize / The News Mexico

Cuban Iguanas /

FESTIVAL: In Havana, Contradiction Reigns /

December 20

FROM CUBA / Dissidents demand government air Varela Project / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Dozens won't vote in next election / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Traveling in Cuba / Rafael Ferro Salas / Decoro

FROM CUBA / Ay, Jalisco! / Rafael Ferro / Decoro

Cuban opposition proposes wide reforms / Yahoo!

External links

U.S. to Offer Cubans Meatpacking Tour / Wisconsin Ag Connection

Vox Populi: Hollywood Hypocrisy /

Cuban spy suspect loses U.S. residency / Sun-Sentinel

Castro (no less!) signs autographs for Californians /

Cuba theme of city book fair / The Times of India

Prizewinning UNDP-Backed Information Network Marks 10 Years / United Nations

December 19

FROM CUBA / Anti-government signs posted in Havana / Cuba-Verdad

FROM CUBA / Foreign minister's next-door neighbor knifed at home / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / Yahoo!

External links

Cuba accuses US of violating migration accords /

U.S. agribusiness leaders wrap up visit to Cuba / The News Mexico

December 18

FROM CUBA / Havana hospital ordered closed / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / Some say participants in chess record try coerced / Armando Soler

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba, U.S. officials hold migration talks / The Miami Herald

Cuba: Where news is the exclusive reserve of the state / Reporters Without Borders

Letter from the family of imprisoned blind lawyer / Coalition of Cuban American-Women

External links

Critics assail Fidel Castro's 'sickening' grip on hollywood celebs /

Journalist group assails Cuba for lack of press freedom /

Cuban groundskeeper salary: price of a jacket / KnoxNews, TN

Cubans start freedom ride into darkness /, TN

Nice view from Cuba / IHT

December 17

Cuba News / Yahoo!

U.S.-Cuba Migration Talks Set for December 17 / The Washington File

FROM CUBA / Polo Montañez: A man fleeing from himself / Rafael Ferro Salas

In Guadalajara: Cuban writers honored, dissidents ignored / Jorge Ramos / The Miami Herald

Castro foe's human rights award puts world spotlight on Cuba / The Miami Herald

Celia Cruz released from hospital / The Miami Herald

External links

A&B to receive more technical aid from Cuba / Antigua Sun

Vols see both sides of Cuba /

Tennessee wins first game in Cuba / The Daily Times, TN

Iran, Cuba keen on expansion of ties / IRNA

December 16

FROM CUBA / Government order stops sale of funeral flower arrangements / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Firemen show up at fire without water / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Jailed blind activist continues to be mistreated / Reinaldo Cosano Alen

FROM CUBA / Censorship against young poets and rap artists / Jorge Alberto Aguiar Diaz / Grupo Decoro

Free Oscar Elias Biscet / The Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

External links

University of Tennessee plays ball in Cuba /

Willie and Fidel make nice /

Vols' trip to Cuba more than cultural exchange /

Kansan brings back different view from Cuba / The Salina Journal

President On Cuba's Support /

Cuban exiles lend a hand to opponents of Venezuelan president / Sun-Sentinel

All that jazz, and red tape, at Cuba fest / Chicago Tribune

An American Diplomat Waits in Political Limbo / NY Times

Cuba's dissidents: Two steps forward, one step back / Sun-Sentinel

Cuban says escape in wheel well not planned / National Post, Canada

Bush Is Retreating From Renomination of Cuba Hard-Liner / Los Angeles Times (registration req'd.)

Films in Land That's Ready for Revolution of the Mind / NY Times

December 13

FROM CUBA / Recently-released activist to be tried again / CPI

FROM CUBA / Local officials disregard order to close polluting ice-making plant / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Residents protest irregularity in food distribution / APLO

Britain gives Cuba golf clubs to help develop sport / Yahoo!

CIA spy master Ted Shackley dies at 75 / The Miami Herald

External links

TDC Cuba plan anticipates tourism competition /, Florida

Cuban art gaining visibility in the world / Hoosier Times

Roberto De Almeida Analyses Relations Strengthening With Visiting Cuban Governor /

Vols' trip to Cuba more than cultural exchange / Knoxville News-Sentinel, TN

Embassy Row / Surprise for Cuba / The Washington Times

Farewell to Cuba, Panama beckons Clipper fleet / Yachting Universe

Cuba Comunist Party Team Expected On Friday /

Kansas Corn Commissioner says Cuba could be new market / Business Journal

December 12

FROM CUBA / Independent journalist held, fined / UPECI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Castro aimed at Reich, but Bush was his target / Carlos Alberto Montaner / The Miami Herald

External links

Cuba intends to import textiles, clothing from Iran / IRNA

Donations to Cuba must go through embassy / The Globe and Mail, Canada

Pro-Cuba group retrieves confiscated supplies /, ABC

PM returns from Caricom meeting in Cuba / Antigua Sun

North Dakota's Ag Commissioner is heading back to Cuba / KXMA News, ND

Kansas trade delegation: Visit to Cuba was "productive" / The News Mexico

In Havana, Film Festival Hits a Chord / NY Times - LINK("there is freedom of artistic creation as long as its content is not contrary to the Revolution" - Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, 1992)

First Cuba ambassador to Honduras in 41 years tenders credentials / The Northern Light

DJ. European Lawmakers Skeptical On Cuba Entering Aid Pact / Northern Light

Cuban champion adapts to life as a coach /

Molina Cuba trip for trade / Press-Telegram, LA

Launching Children's Book Program For Cuba /

"Alternative parliament" of dissidents meets in Cuba / The News Mexico

December 11

FROM CUBA / One independent journalist detained, another threatened by political police / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / T-shirts bearing the U.S. flag banned in local government office / Cuba-Verdad

Human rights activist rearrested in Cuba after peaceful protest / Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Cuba News / Yahoo!

UNHCR Grills Cuban Duo Over Asylum Plea / AllAfrica

December 10

FROM CUBA /Trio sentenced to death for series of robbery/murders / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / Government opponent loses license / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / Worker loses job because of his independent reporting / Grupo Decoro

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

External links

Cuban stowaway survives frigid flight in landing gear / CBC, Canada

U.S. to distribute books to Cuban children / CNN

PM Christie historic visit to Cuba / The Nassau Guardian

Biscet Arrested: Will the NAACP Speak Out? / Myles Kantor /

Lula da Silva, Castro and China / The Washington Times

Cloning in Cuba / Hoover's Online

Fidel Castro, Fine Rum and Cuban Cigars / Miguel A. Faria /

Stowaway from Cuba gets a chilly reception The Globe and Mail, Canada

Man braves -40C under plane to flee Cuba / National Post, Canada

Lecuona's 'Maria La O': Muy Bien / The Washington Post

Singin' in the Rain, Cuban-style / The Globe and Mail

December 9

FROM CUBA / Health minister asks tighter restrictions on doctors who want to emigrate / Decoro

FROM CUBA / Independent farmers association founded in Buey Arriba / Reinaldo Cosano Alen

FROM CUBA / Independent union supports unemployed sugar workers / Reinaldo Cosano Alen

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

External links

Cuban dissident jailed again /

Cuban Culture Minister criticizes Vargas Llosa's letter / The News Mexico

Cuba aims for chess record / BBC News, UK

Guadalajara Book Fair focuses spotlight on Cuba's cigarmakers / The News Mexico

Cuba will seek to sign on to ACP and EU's Cotonou Agreement / The News Mexico

December 6

FROM CUBA / Excessive liquor sales blamed for violence in El Cristo / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Police beat mentally disturbed man / Decoro

FROM CUBA / Independent cooperative movement is reorganized / ANAIC

FROM CUBA / Two more suicides in Guines raise total to 62 / Grupo Decoro

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

External links

Cuban asylum seekers face deportation /

Farmers want more trade with Cuba / The Beacon Journal, OH

Expansion: Basque companies found Gececuba / Northern Light

Tour gives retirees peek at life in Cuba / La Crosse Tribune, WI

Minister Miller and Cuban Ambassador discuss further co-operation / The Advocate, Barbados

Square in Cuba dedicated to Italian filmmaker Zavattini / The News Mexico

Fidel / The Washington Post

Visalia's Alafa fighting in Cuba / Visalia Times-Delta, CA

December 5

FROM CUBA / Patient dies for lack of oxygen mask / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / Violence on the increase in Guantanamo province / UPECI

FROM CUBA / A wave assaults and robberies in Manzanillo / UPECI

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Cuba to host gathering of Caribbean leaders / Yahoo!

Book fair in Guadalajara is one-sided over Cuba / Andres Oppenheimer / The Miami Herald

Switzerland, what a shame! / Carlos Wotzkow

External links

Castro puts damper on holiday cheer / St. Petersburg Times, Florida

Castro urges rumless holidays / Sun-Sentinel

Trade group reaps deal with Cuba /, Oklahoma

Kansas agricultural delegation will visit Cuba / The Business Journal, Kansas City

Paul Harvey praises Cuba's Fidel Castro / WorldNetDaily

Internal debate threatens Cuba's fledgling opposition / The Christian Science Monitor

Judge seeks delay in misconduct hearing: Lopez plans to lead lawyer group to Cuba / Boston Herald

White House mum on Otto Reich's renomination /

Cuban ballet dancer given honorary degree in Mexico / The News Mexico

On This Day, Communist aims of Dr Castro / Times Online, UK

December 4

FROM CUBA / The cost of telling the truth / Rafael Ferro Salas / Grupo de Trabajo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Slum removal will leave 20 families homeless / Reinaldo Cosano Alén

Fidel Castro warns students against rum / Yahoo!

External links

Cuba and Canada sign forestry accord / The News Mexico

NAACP, Cuba hold no talks of office / The Washington Times

From Cuba with love / Naples Daily News, Florida

December 3

FROM CUBA / Twelve civilian workers fired from armed forces farm / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / No funds to pay pensioners / Lux Info Press

External links

Viva the revolution / The Globe and Mail, Canada

Castro's son: Priorities, not bad feelings, kept Cuban president away from international book fair /

Cuban attorney general defends island's use of death penalty / Herald Tribune

Oro Cubano -- Where you can still smoke a good cigar / The Bridgeton News

December 2

Activists Seek Vote on Trade Proposal / Yahoo!

Cuban boy, dad, 4 others released / The Miami Herald

External links

Lawmakers want Reich's reinstatement /

Cuba remembers Churchill legacy / BBC

Aznar asks Cuba to enable Paya to receive Sakharov award / The News Mexico

Latin World Watch: Carter's Cuban triumph / The Washington Times

Book: Jeb Bush helped free Cuban terrorists / The Age, Australia

U.S.-Cuba scientific relations transcend politics /


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