February 28

FROM CUBA / Bed linens stolen from school dorm / APLA

FROM CUBA / Eleven apartment buildings vacant in spite of housing shortage / Luis Viño Zimerman

Cuban-Americans monitoring embassy occupation in Havana / The Miami Herald

Foreign journalists beaten by the police in Havana / Agencies

Cuba ocupy Mexican Embassy / Yahoo!

Continuance of Cuba National Emergency Notice / The White House

External links

Cuba blames US for embassy gatecrash / BBC

Cubans smash bus into Mexican embassy in effort to gain asylum / Bloomberg

New Regime Breathes Life Into Cuban Club / Tampa Tribune

Giving and learning in Cuba / West Branch Times

February 27

FROM CUBA / Rumors of arms theft in western Cuba / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Communist-style economics: TV sales to yield close to 100 percent profit / Héctor Maseda / Grupo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Eggs for diplomats only / Oscar Espinosa Chepe

Martyred fliers kept commitment to fathers' homeland / Morejon Almagro / The Miami Herald

External links

Cuba may purchase eggs from the United States /

Castro accuses US of biological attacks against Cuba /

February 24, 1996 and the War Against Terror / Myles Kantor / FrontPage Magazine

At the Grammys, wheres the Cuban music? / MSNBC

February 26

Cuba News / The Information Bridge Cuba Miami

Annual Cigar Festival in Cuba / Yahoo!

External links

French foreign minister calls on Cuba to improve human rights / Northen Light

Harvard hosts Communist professor / The Boston Globe

UB to collaborate with Cuban university / Buffalo Business Journal

The son, like his father, bailed out of Cuba / San Diego Union Tribune

Farm aid bill negotiators face many thorny issues / Cherokee Daily Times

February 25

FROM CUBA / Havana clean-up yields 1,700,000 cubic meters of garbage so far / Cuba-Verdad

FROM CUBA / Authorities worried over telephone fraud / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba's Annual Cigar Festival begins / Yahoo!

Havana of the heart / The Miami Herald

Guantanamo base draws media swarm / The Miami Herald

External links

Castro playing nice to get embargo lifted, but real reforms not likely / Sun-Sentinel

Pa. has new sister state - in Cuba / Philadelphia Inquirer

Outrage at Cuban video sex show open to children / Times Online

Loopholes in sanctions could widen / Sun-Sentinel

Bush isn't falling for Fidel / Chicago Sun-Times

Conservative Chilean mayor visits Cuba on health-care tour / Northen Light

'Shifting Tides': Cuban photographers capture mixture of social and political / Chicago Tribune

'The Secret Fidel Castro' / WorldNetDaily

February 22

FROM CUBA / Police shoot mentally-disturbed man / APLA

FROM CUBA / Jealous student knives two teachers / APLA

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Serenading a wicked friend / Ninoska Perez Castellon / The Miami Herald

ACLU plan strengthens Castro's grip / Frank Calzon / The Miami Herald

Cuba News / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

External links

Havana homecoming / Orlando Sentinel

Montreal look to Cuban ace for goals /

February 21

FROM CUBA / Violence from government officials responsible for child's emotional disorders / CPIC

Trading with the enemy / The Washington Times

External links

Husband, Daughter Join Cuban Defector / Washington Post

Red Sox sign Cuban defector Morales to play in minors / Sporting News

CNN blasted for 'Travel to Cuba' report /

Oliver Stone Documents Castro / The Pawtucket Times

February 20

FROM CUBA / Ambulances must carry three patients at a time / CPIC

FROM CUBA / Illegal fishing increases in western Cuban province / UPECI

FROM CUBA / "Venice of Cuba" threatened by pollution / Ana Rosa Veitía / Grupo de Trabajo Decoro

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Urgent Action needed on behalf of prisoners at Combinado de Guantanamo / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

Fidel as business partner /

External links

Assessments of US-Cuba relations vary widely /

Cuba promises more technical help / New Vision

Fifth Cuba-U.S. Sister Cities Forum Opens in Havana / Xinhua

February 19

FROM CUBA / Zorro strikes again / CPIC

FROM CUBA / Pension money late / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Cuba News / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

U.S. probes Cuban dolphin deals / The Miami Herald

Iran-Cuba explore expansion of economic, agricultural cooperation / IRNA

CNN's tips for visiting Cuba cross the line / The Miami Herald

External links

A Diverse TISQ With Cuban Flavor / Los Angeles Times

February 18

FROM CUBA / Santiago residents consume contaminated water / BPPIL

FROM CUBA / Two seniors kicked out of retirement home for fighting / Reinaldo Cosano Alén

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

British cash helps smallest bird / BBC News

Young Cubans turn to hip-hop / The Washington Times

Reporter expelled from Cuba in 1966 / The Globe and Mail

External links

Homes do double duty as libraries / Sun-Sentinel

Havana's Chinatown ushers in the new year / Sun-Sentinel

Rumba night Union City club showcases folkloric Cuban music on Sundays / Union City Reporter

Hudson County girls enter Cuban-American pageant / The Union City Reporter

February 15

FROM CUBA / One student dead in school meningitis outbreak / APLA

FROM CUBA / Doctor robbed after serving abroad / CPIC

Cuba News / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

Oliver Stone visits Cuba for film / Yahoo!

External links

The tyranny of Cuba / The Washington Post

Cuba topic of Colby panel discussion / Central Maine

Trading with Cuba / Chicago Tribune

Potential Cuban cyberattacks concern U.S. officials / USA Today

February 14

FROM CUBA / Building housing 17 families in danger of collapsing / CPI

FROM CUBA / No water in Isle of Youth town of 6000 / UPECI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

External links

Cuban Cash Reopens U.S. Food Trade / NY Times

Fox and Fidel in Havana / Frontpage

Cuban diva to play UK shows / Ananova

February 13

FROM CUBA / Man loses leg over stolen oranges / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Committee for the Defense of the Revolution presidency has no takers / CPIC

Law on travel to Cuba criticized / Miami Herald

External links

Extended detention in Cuba mulled / The Washington Post

Senate hearing airs rejection of agricultural trips to Cuba / Wallaces Farmer

Former president carter planning to visit Cuba /

February 12

FROM CUBA / Police turn up heat on private transport workers / APLO

FROM CUBA / Crime wave victimizes Cuban peasants / ANAIC

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuban designs on Africa / The Washington Times

External links

Cuban Travel Ban Questioned in Hearing / Washington Post

U.S. travelers to Cuba face fines upon return / Corpus Christi Caller Times

U.S. tourists still drawn to Cuba / USA Today

What About Castro's Left-Wing Victims? / Myles Kantor / FrontPage

February 11

FROM CUBA / More than 100 stage civil disobedience event in Matanzas / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Contagious diseases on the increase in Pinar del Río / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Hitting the nail on the head / Tania Díaz Castro

Cuba News / Miami Herald

100 prisoners with "Rat Fever" in Guantánamo jail / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

Freedom Forum salutes Elian / Yahoo!

U.S. asks Cuba for more than 'charm offensive' / The Washington Times

External links

Private libraries turn page in Cuba / Chicago Tribune (related)

Independent libraries are gaining momentum / (related)

Elian Gonzalez Gets 'Free Spirit Award' in Non-Free Cuba / CNS News

Veterans protest countys pursuit of Cuba relations / Eastside Journal

Cuba rejects U.S. charge it harbors terrorists / Northen Light

Window of no opportunity / New Zealand News

Opportunity or Exploitation? / The Washington Post

The man behind the Cuban JamJersey City resident Armando Lopez / Jersey City Reporter

How we became part of the Cuban furniture / The Observer

Revolutionary state turns to peacemaking / Orlando Sentinel

February 8

Cuba News /

Dozens of detainees in Havana / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

External links

Tourists, terrorists in vogue in Cuba / Foreigners paying for glimpses of America's al Qaeda prisoners / San Fransisco Chronicle

Bring a taste of Cuba to your table / NOLA Live

February 7

Cuba News / For The Information Bridge Cuba Miami

External links

Cuba, too, felt the Sept. 11 shock waves / New York Times

Cuba: Flights Resumed /

The price of milk (and sex) in Cuba / Salon

Unravelling the layers of Cuban culture / The North Shore News

February 6

FROM CUBA / Independent doctor's office opens its door to residents / UPECI

Havana schools ask parents to help / UPECI

External links

Lawmaker Criticizes Increasingly Cozy US-Cuba Relations /

Tourism apartheid in Cuba / Salon

Councilman to visit Cuba / Seattle Post Intelligencer

Tiant still seeks Hall, Cuba trips /

Caribbean Community wants to strengthen ties to Cuba / Northern Light

February 5

FROM CUBA / Cuban tourism results poor in 2001 / Oscar Espinosa Chepe

Political prisoners accuse officials of torture in the Boniato Prison / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Mexico's President meets Cuba's dissidents / The Miami Herald

External links

On Cuba visit, Mexico's chief meets quietly with dissidents / New York Times

Mississippi Gulf Coast eyes trade with Cuba / Laurel Leader-Call

Detainee flights to Cuba to resume / CNN

Unravelling the layers of Cuban culture / The North Shore News

Castro faces international criminal charges / WorldNetDaily

Ryan's questionable friendship / Chicago Tribune

Live from Havana, It's Mesa Redonda! / Miami New Times

Emancipation Now for Cuban Jewry / Myles Kantor / FrontPage

Cuba, A Menace to America: An Interview with Maria C. Werlau / Myles Kantor / FrontPage

February 4

FROM CUBA / Patrol car overturns; at least two hurt / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Survival through illegality / Claudia Márquez Linares / Grupo de Trabajo Decoro

FROM CUBA / Forgotten fighter / Fara Armenteros / UPECI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Fox: Cuban relations 'solid' / The Miami Herald

Mr. Ryan Goes to Havana / The Miami Herald

External links

Bush hires hard-liners to handle Cuba policy / New York Times

U.S. farmers, Cuba work together in embargo fight / Iowa Farm Bureau

Ailing Cuba worsens with global economic downturn / Sun-Sentinel

Celebrating a Cuban leader / Union City Reporter

Gibbon farmer dines with Castro during trip to Cuba with Cargill reps / Grand Island Independent

Our Man in Havana -- Me / The Washington Post

February 1

FROM CUBA / Police raid agricultural market in eastern Cuba

FROM CUBA / More than a hundred neighbors prevent eviction of pregnant mother / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Blackout causes spoilage; townspeople irate / CPIC

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuban political prisoner Zulueta remains locked up in "Death Lane" in Guantanamo / Information Bridge Cuba Miami

Mexico's president walks tightrope on first visit to Cuba over meeting dissidents / Yahoo!

External links

Colombia, guerrillas talking in Havana / Chicago Tribune

Cuba: Argentina Gulity of 'Political Bootlicking' / Voa News

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey: Cuban aid offer met with silence - shameful / Pravda



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