Too Much Demand, Little Supply: The Cost of Flying to Cuba from the United States

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MIAMI, United States. – High prices and poor availability of flights continue to characterize travel between Miami and Havana, an itinerary that is frequented mostly by Cuban Americans that plan family visits to the island.

Although the price of airline tickets has improved in comparison to what it was last year, not too many people are willing to pay US$500 or US$600 for a regular ticket to the island.

A report by Miami television station WPLG –an affiliate of ABC– makes note of the fact that flights from Miami to Havana can become a veritable odyssey, especially for travelers flying from other Florida cities.

“We paid more than US$600 for each ticket,” said to us Antonio Figueredo, a Cuban American who resides in Orlando.

Figueredo not only paid for the tickets, but also for the medicines and gifts he brought to Cuba. He also had to pay additionally for gas, since he had to drive from Orlando to Miami International Airport.

“In response to an increase in demand, we are seeing that American Airlines will conduct six flights instead of four, I think starting in early March,” stated Michael Zuccato, from the Cuba Travel Services agency to WPLG.

Last Monday, February 7, the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) included Cuba on its list of countries that it recommends U.S. citizens not to travel due to high spreading of COVID-19 in those countries.

At present, air traffic between “José Martí” International Airport –the only airport that is allowed to welcome flights from the U.S.- and the rest of the airports in Florida is less than 10 per day.

According to WPLG, in addition to the four daily flights from American Airlines, Southwest has one daily flight from Tampa and JetBlue has two daily flights from Fort Lauderdale.

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