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The United States Lifts Travel Restrictions to Cuba Imposed by the Trump Administration


MIAMI, United States. – On June 1st, the United States government lifted the travel restrictions to Cuba imposed during Donald Trump’s presidency which limited air operations to and from the airport in Havana.

The measure was filed under Order 2022-6-1 of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT, by its English acronym), and revokes prior actions taken by the previous administration between 2019 and 2020.

“By this Order, the Department of Transportation of the United States, at the request of the Department of State, revokes prior actions that restrict certain air services between the United States and Cuba,” states a press release issued by that agency.

In this manner, a Notice issued on October 25, 2019, among others, was revoked. That Notice restricted air operations by American transport companies to the “José Martí” International Airport only. Also revoked is a Notice issued on January 10, 2020 that cancelled all charter flights between the two countries.

According to the press release, lifting travel restrictions to Cuba is part of “the Administration’s measures, announced on May 16th, in support of the Cuban people.”

The document, which is signed by Carol A. (Annie) Petsonk, Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs at the Department of Transportation, also states that the new order will be given to all certified transport companies that operate large aircrafts; to foreign airlines that hold permits; as well as to the rest of foreign airlines that require authorization to operate charter flights to Cuba, etc.

The revocation of Trump Administration restrictions will restore air operations to the rest of Cuba’s international airports, which are located in Varadero, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Cayo Largo, Jardines del Rey, Camagüey, Holguín, Manzanillo and Santiago de Cuba.

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