“Destination Cuba” Is Promoted in Uruguay

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MADRID, Spain. – Cuban authorities participated on May 20th in the 67th Reunion of the Regional Commission of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, by its English acronym) held in Punta del Este, Uruguay. During the meeting, the Cuban delegation said it was certain that tourism had revived in the island following the impact of COVID-19.

According to the Cubaminrex website, Juan José Álvarez, legal director of Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, and the Cuban ambassador to Uruguay, Zulan Popa, stated that the country’s visitor growth dynamic remains steady, adding that Cuba is projecting to welcome more than half the number of tourists in 2022 than it welcomed in 2019.

In the presence of Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, the Cuban officials mentioned that in March 2020, the Cuban government had implemented a preventive measures program to address the present pandemic, and that included protecting visitors.

They mentioned, also, the protection of Human capital, and the implementation of constructive actions in tourism facilities to elevate and maintain comfort standards.

Government insists on presenting Cuba as an ideal destination

Ever since in late 2021, Juan Carlos García Granda, Cuba’s Minister of Tourism, stated that for 2022, no less than 2.5 million tourists would be welcomed to Cuba, Cuban authorities have continued to present Cuba as a tourist destination in various international events.

Last February, after participating in the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (FITUR), the Cuban regime tried to promote “destination Cuba” in Turkey during the 25th Annual International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism and Travel Fair EMITT 2022.

At that fair, Cuban officials presented “their portfolio of ‘Cuba destination’ products, as well as the strengths of sun and beach, and Nature and health destinations.”

In April, a Cuban delegation participated in the International Tourism Exchange Fair (BIT) in Milan, with the goal of promoting Cuba as a tourist destination.

Other government strategies to revive tourism

Recently, Cuba organized the International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2022. Held at the Varadero resort, an agreement was signed during the event to promote health tourism in the island.

In another strategy aimed at reaching the 2.5 million tourist projections for 2022, the Cuban regime staged the event “For a Tourism for Every Generation” during which specific actions were discussed regarding the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.

Also, Empresas Marinas y Náuticas S.A. and Havanatur revealed their nautical events programs for 2022, “as part of the present revival of the leisure industry in the country.”

This is all happening amidst the great economic crisis in the country that affects the average Cuban, and contrasts with the ongoing construction of new hotels.

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