Canadian Senator Asks His Fellow Countrymen and Women Not to Support the Cuban Regime

Cuba, EFE, Canadá, Leo Housakos

MIAMI, United States. – Canadian senator Leo Housakos asked his fellow countrymen and women this Thursday not to support the Cuban regime. The senator shared on Twitter the story of three Canadian tourists from Quebec who became stranded in a Cuban hotel after testing positive for COVID-19.

“When will Canadians realize that behind the beautiful beaches and tourist centers in Cuba hides a dictatorship that has no respect for human rights or for human beings?” asked the politician on that social network.

“Canadians should not support that regime nor risk their own safety,” he requested.

This Wednesday, January 5th, Canadians learnt through the press that three young tourists from Quebec who were vacationing in Cuba tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced “a nightmare” in the isolation hotel where they were kept.

Twenty-two-year old Laurianne Gagné told La Presse newspaper that one day before she was to check out of the Memories Caribe Beach Resort, a four-star hotel in Coco Key, she tested positive for COVID-19. Later, the hotel authorities informed her that she would be transferred in an ambulance to a new facility, which turned out to be the Playa Paraíso Hotel, where other women from Quebec were also being isolated.

The three women were transferred to a small, two-bedroom apartment. “The environment was unpleasant. Everyone was upset, scared and worried. It was not a safe place. We placed a chair in front of the door. We were worried and our families were, as well,” said Gagné to La Presse.

The young woman complaint that there was no soap or toilet paper in her room. “It looked like an abandoned place. There were spiders all over my bed,” added Audray-Ann Lapointe, a 19-year-old that was paced in isolation in the same hotel.

The Canadian tourists received meals at random, and they had no Internet access to communicate with their families. They also lamented the lack of water and the deplorable state of the food.

All of them criticized the lack of honesty of the travel agencies regarding the epidemiological situation in Cuba. “My travel agency, Voyage à Rabais, told me there were no CPVID-19 cases in Cuba, that the problem was in Quebec. We received no warning, we absolutely did not expect this,” said Guylaine Pellerin.

Finally, they recommended to other tourists that they cancel or postpone their trips to Cuba. “If I had known that it would be like this, I would have never gone,” summarized Lapointe.

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