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Argentine Airlines Will Resume Flights to Havana in July


Argentine Airlines will resume its itinerary Buenos Aires-Havana, with three weekly flights, starting in July of this year, according to information provided by the The Economist.

According to the press report, the itinerary, which already existed in the past, had been cancelled in 2016. Starting this July, the itinerary will be operated on B737-MAX aircrafts, and will make a stop in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on both the outward and the return flights.

Days of operation out of the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires will be Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, with return flights from Havana on the following day.

“We have previous experience in operating there, it is a flight that is highly requested by tour operators and travel agencies as there is a latent demand, and we believe that it will be complemented very well with the stop in Punta Cana. Besides, it is always good news to recover destinations that were abandoned,” stated to the press Argentine Airlines president, Pablo Ceriani.

Cuba’s ambassador to Argentina, Pedro Prada Quintero, stated: “We are very happy with the resumption of Argentine Airlines operations to Cuba because it means we’ll have a new bridge between our people that will facilitate tourism and trade both ways.”

On Sunday, April 10th, it was also learnt that the low-cost Colombian airline, Wingo, would begin to operate two weekly flights to Cuba as part of a new itinerary between Bogotá and Santa Clara, according to the state news agency Prensa Latina.

Both flights –charter flights- are part of a travel package managed by Dominican businessman Álex Armstrong, aimed at promoting tourism in the keys on the northern coast of Villa Clara province, as well as to other destinations in the island.

“For me, these charter flights to Cuba are the achievement of another paradigm, a more perfect goal and the opening of new opportunities for our companies, for our sector and for the future of Villa Clara’s keys,” stated Armstrong to the state news agency.

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