April 19, 2000

Castro's Blunder: Leaning Red

John LeBoutillier., Wednesday April 19, 2000

Castro may still blow it. Last week I predicted that little Elian would not end up going back to Cuba — partly because of the heroic efforts of Miami’s Cuban-Americans and partially because Fidel Castro would make a heavy-handed blunder.

Yesterday's announcement from Havana that, indeed, Elian would not be in the custody of his father but, instead, would be incarcerated in a Re-education/Indoctrination Center in Havana may have undercut Castro’s knee-jerk supporters here in the United States.

No longer can the argument be made that "Elian should be returned to his father."

Castro has vindicated those of us who for weeks have been screaming at the top of our lungs that Juan Miguel will have no say whatsoever in Elian’s life once he hits Cuba’s shores.

The video taken in Havana of the brainwashing clinic they are setting up is a crude and boorish attempt by Castro to make the American people believe that Elian will be living in the lap of luxury. Air-conditioning, satellite TV, a swimming pool (empty, if you noticed on TV) and nice looking beds.

How much do you want to bet that Elian won’t be enjoying those amenities? How much do you want to bet that this was a propaganda ploy by Castro that may very well have backfired?

Just when everyone is awaiting a court ruling in Atlanta on this case, Castro has blundered by showing exactly why Elian should not be sent back to Cuba.

And, here at home, simultaneously Clinton and Reno may also have blundered by trotting out this quack named Dr. Irwin Redlener (pronounced — amazingly enough — red-leaner. Yes, it’s true! How appropriate, eh?)

This jerk was on every television show yesterday, pompously pronouncing how much "danger" Elian was in while living with the family that has nurtured him in Miami.

What a pompous ass!

He has never even met the family! Never even met Elian!

Then, of course, it comes out that he was on Hillary’s Health Care Task Force.

Need we say more?

Thus, yesterday’s two actions — Castro unveiling of Elian’s detention camp and Dr. I-Am-Leaning-Red’s utterly absurd appearance on the scene — may have swung the momentum back in favor of Elian staying here.

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