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July 2007

July 25

The Miami Herald
• Clinton, Obama spar over meeting Castro, Chαvez
• Raϊl Castro to give Revolution Day speech
• Cuban dad forced to leave family at border
• Obama, Edwards say they would meet with Castro, Chαvez
• Brazil-Cuba rivalry heats up at Pan American Games
• Unusual issues define Cuban girl's custody battle
• If ban were eased, U.S. exports to Cuba could double, report says
• Cuba: We're not to blame for visa holdups

Castro: Cash at root of boxer defections
Fidel Castro suggested Monday that a two-time Cuban Olympic boxing champion and his teammate had defected, blaming their disappearance at the Pan American Games in Brazil on American money.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba: A year without Fidel
With island life largely unaltered under a caretaker government led by his younger brother Raul, there seems little reason for Fidel to put on his olive green uniform again and rail against the American "empire."
Yahoo! News.
Woman sued Castro in father's death
A woman has sued Fidel Castro, alleging that the Cuban leader caused the wrongful death of her pilot father after he was shot down over Cuba and imprisoned in 1963 while on a covert mission.
Yahoo! News.
8 U.S. Students Graduate From Free Cuban Medical School
Eight American students graduated from a Cuban medical school on Tuesday and said they planned to put six years of education paid for by Fidel Castro's communist government to use in hospitals back home.
Yahoo! News.
U.S. boxers seeking international experience - and success vs. Cubans
Any time U.S. fighters faces a Cuban in international boxing, it's a learning experience. Usually a painful one.
Yahoo! News.
Cuban boxers skip Pan Am fights
Cuba's two-time Olympic boxing champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and a teammate left the athletes village and did not show up for their scheduled fights at the Pan American Games on Sunday.
Yahoo News.
Cuban athelete missing at Pan Am Games
Rafael Dacosta, 19, apparently has been missing from the Pan American village in Rio for several days, Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported Monday.
Sicko's Misdiagnosis Leads to Wrong Prescription
"The current debate over Michael Moore's recently released movie Sicko is misplaced," said Lori-Ann Rickard, managing partner for Rickard & Associates, P.C., a St. Clair Shores legal and business consulting firm that specializes in the healthcare field.
Yahoo! News.
Agency Issues Report on Cuba Trade
America's trade with communist-run Cuba could double if U.S. financing rules on direct agricultural sales to the island were lifted, the U.S. International Trade Commission said in a report released this week.
Yahoo! News.
U.S. Group Delivers Aid to Cuba
A U.S. humanitarian group delivered about 90 tons of aid to Cuba on Thursday, defying Washington's 45-year-old trade embargo.
Yahoo! News.
Help from Washington needed for success
When the U.S. told Havana recently that it will cutback the number of visas issued to Cubans to 10,724 from 20,000, the regime responded as it usually does. It generated a propaganda circus covering up the issues and complaints leading to the United States' diplomatic protest.
Frank Calzon. Sun-Sentinel.

July 18

The Miami Herald
• U.S.: Cuba to blame for held-up visas
• Legless Cuban survivor finally reaches U.S.
• U.S.-Cuba visa flap swells tensions
• Cuba says U.S. deliberately behind on visas
• Castro: U.S. falsely justifies war on terror
• So when is Andy Garcia not the biggest star in the room?
• Bebo and Chucho reunite for tour
• Cuban fencer was Pan-Am champion

A Cuban tugboat, an atrocity at sea
Below are excerpts from "Cuba: The Tugboat Massacre of July 13, 1994." This is a recent report by Maria C. Werlau of Cuba Archive, a nonprofit group that documents the human cost of the Cuban Revolution. The report is at www.cuba
Miami Herald.
The Tugboat Massacre of July 13, 1994
'Hot Corner' Tests Free Speech in Cuba
Miguel is in mid-sentence when his face darkens and his eyes dart to the ground. His mouth is still open, but no words come out. He has been talking about what it must be like to live in a country where the government doesn't control all radio and television.
Yahoo! News.
In My Opinion: Spain's new opening to Cuba a risky gambit
The Spanish government's recent decision to improve ties with Cuba "is bearing its fruits," and the process will continue without abandoning the island's dissidents, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos told me in an interview last week.
Andres Oppenheimer.The Miami Herald..
US accuses Cuba of imposing 'multiple roadblocks' over visa row
The United States accused Cuba Wednesday of imposing "multiple roadblocks" that it said were stifling its ability to issue exit visas for Cubans, in a new row between the staunch enemies.
Yahoo! News. .
Castro blames US for Cuban brain drain
Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Wednesday accused the United States of siphoning off his country's best and brightest talents, blaming Washington of committing "scientific apartheid" throughout the world.
Yahoo! News.
Castro, gripped by Pan-Am Games, forgets to take medicine
Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said Tuesday he has become so absorbed with watching the Pan American Games that he sometimes forgets to take his medicine.
Yahoo! News.
Cuban Revolutionary Tale: Author Makes Parallels Between His Father's Life and Current Political Climate
Convalescing Fidel Castro said in an essay Tuesday that he has been so engrossed with Cuba's performance at the Pan American Games in Brazil that he forgets to eat and take his medicine.
Yahoo! News.
Castro suggests Washington failed to stop attacks on U.S. soil to justify war
Fidel Castro suggested Sunday that Washington has deliberately failed to stop attacks on U.S. soil because it needed "to deliver a bang" that would justify its war on terror.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba lays to rest dispute over remains of Che Guevara
The remains of Che Guevara brought here from Bolivia 10 years ago provided "conclusive" forensic evidence they belonged to the revolutionary leader, state media said Saturday.
Yahoo! News.

July 13

The Miami Herald
• Latin American Catholic bishops meeting in Cuba
• Fidel Castro's son says father recovering
• Castro laments 'irritating inequalities'
• Film casts harsh light on problems in Havana
• Cuba holding fewer political prisoners
• Relatives of dead Cuban dissident call for inquiry
• Spy chief says he acted in defense of Cuba

Message from the Ladies in White to the XXXI Ordinary Assembly of The Latin American Episcopal Council
In Cuba, it often takes cash to swap homes
For two weeks, Elizabeth Miller has been walking from her run-down apartment to the unofficial housing swap along the capital's majestic Prado boulevard.
Ray Sanchez. South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
Cubans risk raids to get satellite TV
Before the police raid, the Perez family paid $7.56 per month for a DirecTV window on the world. Daniel, a literature major at the University of Havana, watched the Chicago White Sox on ESPN. His mom, Marisel, never missed an episode of "La Fea Mαs Bella".
Eloise Quintanilla, Christian Science Monitor.
US pokes fun at Castro and calls elections sham
The United States on Tuesday poked fun at Cuba's interim leader Raul Castro and termed the elections he had called for as a sham.
Yahoo! News.
Castro calls US an unethical 'world tyranny'
Ailing President Fidel Castro railed against the United States in a newspaper article Sunday, calling it an unethical "world tyranny," and urged the CIA to come clean about all its attempts to murder him.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba a force at Pan American Games
Still the main challenger to the United States in the Pan American Games medals race, Cuba suddenly has some doubts about one of its strongest sports.
Yahoo! News.
Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty Appeal to Sting to Advocate for Human Rights in Cuba
Sting, the front man of the legendary rock band The Police, was reminded by Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty of his previous humanitarianism with a banner hired to fly over Dolphin Stadium during the opening act of the group's July 10th Miami concert. The banner read "S.O.S. THEY DANCE ALONE IN CUBA TOO".
Yahoo! News.
US won't tolerate dictatorial succession in Cuba: Rice
Speaking to reporters here Monday, Rice said Cubans 'have the right to liberty' and when the political transition takes place, Washington will support Cuba 'as it holds free elections'.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba, Russia renew aviation partnership
Longtime aviation partners Cuba and Russia have renewed their alliance in a deal promising increased cooperation in services and training, the Cuban official daily Granma reported Friday.
Yahoo! News.
UN official: Cuba solved energy crisis
Cuba has solved crippling energy shortages that plagued the island as recently as 2004 without sacrificing a long-term commitment to promoting environmentally friendly fuels, the head of the U.N. Environment Program said Wednesday.
Yahoo! News.
Living on Cuban food ration isn't easy
No one on this communist-run island dies from starvation, but every month Cubans on the "universal ration" must use ingenuity and organization to ensure everyone gets enough to eat.
Yahoo! News.
Clinton slams GOP rival's Cuba remark
No one on this communist-run island dies from starvation, but every month Cubans on the "universal ration" must use ingenuity and organization to ensure everyone gets enough to eat.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba hits newly released CIA documents
Taking a swipe at a potential GOP presidential rival, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday criticized Fred Thompson for suggesting illegal Cuban immigrants pose a terrorist threat.
Yahoo! News.
The American dream comes true for 105-year-old Cuban
Communist Cuba's parliament said Friday that a 47-year-old plot to assassinate Fidel Castro still reflects U.S. policy toward the island.
Yahoo! News.

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