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September 2007

September 28

The candy man
I woke up early today and accompanied my neighbor Felipe on his daily route around the city. He's a 68 year-old retiree who devotes himself to selling candies made by his wife. Felipe is an electrician by trade and he worked for thirty years.
PINAR DEL RIO, Rafael Ferro Salas

Disidents and family of prisioners protesting in HavanaCuba releases 40 dissidents arrested Thursday: opposition
The Cuban government has released around 40 people it had detained for trying join a small but bold Havana street protest headed by a leading dissident, an opposition human rights group said Friday.
Yahoo! News.
The Miami Herald
• Cuban dissidents freed after brief detention
• 18 Cuban migrants arrive at gas station
• Cuban dad wins ruling but not custody -- yet
• Two dozen dissidents rounded up in Havana
• Cuban archbishop: Religious freedom slowly spreading on island
• Cuban girl's rights to be next decision
• Cuban official assails Bush
• Photo shows heavier-looking Fidel Castro standing, meeting with Angolan president
Castro's daughter recalls homeland for Berks audience
She describes her father as a tall, hairy man wreathed in cigar smoke whose image replaced the cartoons she watched on television as a child.
Fιlix Alfonso Peρa. Reading Eagle.
Legacy of Cuban Singer Honored
Salsa singer Celia Cruz came from humble origins in Cuba to become a larger than life persona known for her unforgettable performances.
Ramiro Burr -- San Antonio Express-News.
Cuba detains at least 21 dissidents: activist
Cuba has cracked down on a bold demonstration organized by the leading woman dissident in the Americas' only communist-ruled country.
Yahoo! News.
Music, Not Politics, Moves Chucho Valdes
The comparsa drums are thundering, but it's the piano driving the beat with a furious array of improvisations that blend raw Afro-Cuban rhythms with the toe-tapping, head-bobbing beats of straight jazz.
Yahoo! News.
Chinese automaker Yutong exports more buses to Cuba
Chinese automaker Yutong Group Co. Ltd. has delivered 200 mass transit buses to Cuba, the first such China-made vehicles ever exported, a company spokesman said.
Yahoo! News.
Bush urges U.N. to spread freedom
President Bush announced new sanctions Tuesday against the military dictatorship in Myanmar, accusing it of imposing "a 19-year reign of fear" that denies basic freedoms of speech, assembly and worship.
Yahoo! News.
Bush says Castro rule near end, urges 'free' polls in Cuba
US President George W. Bush, in a speech to the UN General Assembly here Tuesday, called for "free and competitive elections" in Cuba, saying the long rule of ailing President Fidel Castro "is nearing its end."
Yahoo! News.
Cubans walk out during Bush UN speech
Cuba's foreign minister walked out of the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday in protest of President Bush's speech in which he said the "long rule of a cruel dictator is nearing its end" on the communist island.
Yahoo! News.
Castro mocks rumors of his death in TV interview
Fidel Castro's reappearance on state television has dispelled rumors of his death, but left open the question whether the ailing Cuban leader could emerge from his long convalescence to take back the reins of power.
Yahoo! News.
Miami Cubans skeptical of Castro on TV
Cubans in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood expressed a mixture of skepticism and disappointment Friday at Fidel Castro's first appearance on Cuban television in three months.
Yahoo! News.

September 20

The unfinished plaza
The majority of people were excited when they heard the news. After many years this city would have a civic plaza. Every province in Cuba has one.
PINAR DEL RIO, Rafael Ferro Salas

The Miami Herald
• 'Cuba's future must be democratic,' U.S. diplomat says
• 5 Cubans spared death penalty in attempted hijacking
• Cuba's trade prospects challenging
• Arturo Sandoval: On a mission to elevate jazz
Normando Hernandez, an extremely ill Cuban prisoner of conscience, is moved to a Havana hospital
Officials of State Security carried out the move in the early morning hours on Friday, September 14th, and according to what they told his wife, Yaraν Reyes Marνn, the prisoner will be given a general checkup.
Tania Maceda Guerra. Payo Libre.
Cuba Has Better Health Care Than U.S.?
Communist countries are famous for hiding the truth. Twenty years ago, when I reported from the Soviet Union, officials insisted there were no poor people in Russia, but they refused to let me look for myself.
John Stossel. Real Politics.
Missionaries pray for Castro's health
No one knows how his death would affect restrictions on religion.
Sherri Day. Tampa Bay.
Cuba: Government, UN Seek to Boost Impact of Aid
Cuba and the United Nations have agreed to concentrate their cooperation on five areas in the next few years, in order to avoid spreading resources too thinly, and to increase synergy between projects.
Patricia Grogg, IPS. .
Cubans find fast, illegal path to U.S.
A multimillion-dollar human-smuggling enterprise is bringing thousands of Cubans to the United States on speedboats at a price of up to $10,000 a head, and the flourishing business has increased the number of Cubans illegally entering the country by double-digit percentages in each of the past three years.
Carol J. Williams, The Seattle Times.
Jailed Cuban writer, extremely ill, hospitalized; may be freed
Hernandez Gonzalez is one of 59 writers still imprisoned following a 2003 crackdown on dissidents. At the time, 75 writers were arrested, tried and convicted of "endangering the state's independence or territorial integrity.''
Jeremy Gerard. Bloomberg.
Cubans wonder where their Web access went
At a government-run Internet cafe inside a Havana post office, the 1,942 Cubans signed up to use the computers were left with a question this summer: Why had the government abruptly cut their Internet access, leaving them only with e-mail on a state account?
Michael Martinez, Chicago Tribune.
Closing arguments in Cuban custody case
A Cuban farmer fighting for custody of his 5-year-old daughter made virtually no effort to be a parent when the girl left the island nation with her mother, state child welfare attorneys said in closing arguments Wednesday.
Yahoo! News.
Angolan president to visit Cuba
Angola's veteran President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is to embark on a three-day official visit to long-time ally Cuba on Wednesday, state media reported.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba: US Embargo Has Cost Over $89B
Washington's 45-year-old embargo has cost Cuba more than $89 billion to date, wreaking havoc on everything from primary education to pest control and nearly all other facets of island life, the foreign minister said
Yahoo! News.
Nebraska Planning Cuba Trade Trip
A Nebraska delegation this fall will be making another trade trip to Cuba. Governor Dave Heineman said he's going to lead the agriculture-based group to the island nation in November.
Yahoo! News.
Thompson Discusses Cuba During Visit To Miami
Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson blamed Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday for the publicity surrounding his remark suggesting Cuban immigrants are bringing suitcase bombs to the United States.

September 17

The Miami Herald
• Castro's 9/11 idea defended
• Cuban dad's lawyers will call no witnesses

Cuba Perks Show a Post-Fidel Touch
Interim Ruler Raul Castro Takes Small Steps to Improve Cubans' Lives, but Are They Enough?
Yahoo! News.
Behind Che Guevara's mask, the cold executioner
A revisionist biography has highlighted Guevara's involvement in countless executions of "traitors" and counter-revolutionary "worms", offering a fresh glimpse of the dark side of the celebrated guerrilla fighter who helped Fidel Castro to seize power in Cuba.
Matthew Campbell. Times Online.
Cuban woman tells tales of human smuggling
Word about potential smuggling voyages comes to her almost weekly, a 24-year-old woman named Adiany says.

September 11

The Miami Herald
• Cuban dad asked in court about sex life
• Cuban dad breaks down in custody case
• Cuban girl's mother is pressed: Why the lies?
• For Dad's neighbors, dispute not complicated
• Senate restores aid to Cuban opposition
• Democrat Chris Dodd would end Cuba embargo if elected president

Americans Break Law to Visit Cuba
Thousands of U.S. tourists already travel to Cuba behind Washington's back, and many say being sneaky is part of the fun.
Yahoo! News.
Castro accuses US of 9/11 conspiracy
An article attributed to Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Tuesday accused the US government of deceiving the world about the September 11 terror attacks in the United States.
Yahoo! News.
Castro: Cuba provided info that saved Ronald Reagan from assassination in 1984
Cuba once saved the life of U.S. President Ronald Reagan by giving American officials information about an assassination plot, President Fidel Castro wrote in an essay published Wednesday.
Yahoo! News.
Defection no guarantee of success for Cuban baseball players in U.S.
Just about every Cuban boy hopes to play baseball for the national team in the Olympics. It is only when that wish is taken away - as it was from Francisley Bueno - that thoughts turn to America.
Yahoo! News.

September 5

The Miami Herald
• Cuban girl's mom: Dad knew she had problems
• Mom says she sent pictures to Cuba after all
• Fidel warns of coming global recession
• Chι Guevara's relics go up for auction
• Rumors of Castro's death persist, except in Cuba
• Doubts cast on report of Raul Castro Italy trip
• Fidel not in danger as he convalesces: minister
• Girl's custody battle continues in Miami
• Lawyer who kissed Castro back in the spotlight again

South Africa: SA, Cuba agree to train unemployed youth
South Africa and Cuba have signed a co-operation agreement that will benefit many unemployed young people, by training them n the field of social development.
Packing up home 'easy' in needy Cuba
Packing up after having his press accreditation withdrawn, BBC correspondent Stephen Gibbs reflects on whether the Cuban authorities really need to go to the lengths they do to control information.
Stephen Gibbs, BBC.
Cuba upgrading its weapons in case of U.S. invasion
Cuba has been upgrading its military arsenal since President Fidel Castro fell ill 13 months ago, to defend itself against a possible U.S. invasion, senior officers told Trabajadores weekly on August 27.
Defense News.
Cuban dancers crazy for democracy
Cuban dance ranks alongside rum and cigars as one of the island's most famous exports. It seems curious, then, that a UK-inspired dance initiative is causing such a stir in Havana.
Michael Voss. BBC News.
The secret love of Cubans: the imperialist refrigerator
Before he disappeared from public life, an ailing Fidel Castro enlisted the prowess of Chinese industry last year to get rid of some of the most resilient totems of American imperialism: Frigidaire, Kelvinator and Westinghouse refrigerators from the 1950s.
Simon Romero, International Herald Tribune.
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