The Dominican Republic Tightens Migratory Controls for Entry of Cubans to the Country

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MIAMI, United States. – Cuban travelers who make a stop in the Dominican Republic must have residence or citizenship in the country of their destination, or a multiple entry visa to the United States or the European Union. This was confirmed by the authorities of the Caribbean country to the state news agency Prensa Latina.

This measure is part of the General Office of Migration’s resolution 06-2022. According to the resolution, Cuban nationals who are in the country, in transit or changing flights must be residents or citizens of the country of destination, or hold a multiple visa from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, countries in the European Union, Schengen member states, and the Dominican Republic.

Dominican authorities also made public norm 07-2022, which permits entry to the country as tourists to any Cuban who is a U.S. resident whose passports have not been expired for more than 18 months.

Prensa Latina states that the new measures will not come into effect immediately, and adds that “it’s still not clear on what date the new measures will begin to be applied.”

In light of the massive exodus of Cubans, several countries in the region have adopted measures to control the flow of Cuban citizens to their respective countries. The Cuban regime blames that on the U.S. exerting pressure on those countries.

That alleged interference from Washington is described by the authorities in Havana as “a cynical attempt to shut the doors on the very same Cuban emigration that it has encouraged for decades.”

“The United States government does not meet its obligation to grant at least 20,000 visas per year to Cuban nationals, as per bilateral agreements. It also imposes the burden of the brutal economic blockage, and pressures other governments to require transit visas to Cuban migrants and travelers,” stated Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, on Twitter.

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