“I Felt Like a Prisoner”: Russian Presenter Reports Mistreatment and Terrible Conditions in Cuban Hotel

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MIAMI, United States. – Russian presenter Natalya Sevina, best known as “Princess”, reported to the digital portal 63Ru the nightmarish experience she had during her recent trip to Cuba, a country she had previously described as the land of her dreams.

The famous show-woman of Samara went to the Caribbean island on vacation, but ended up hostage of the health authorities who assured her that she had been diagnosed positive for coronavirus.

“After four fabulous days of rest and enjoyment, of embracing and meeting many tourists, on the fifth day I find out that the PCR test results from the test administered at the Cayo Coco airport had been positive. Then they sent me to the isolation hall,” she narrates.

Sevina was placed in isolation in a building where she was supervised along with other patients who, allegedly, also tested positive.

“We were not allowed to leave the room; the food was cold and inedible; the trash was not picked up or removed; the rooms were not cleaned; bed sheets and towels were not replaced. It was literally a pig sty!” Sevina reported.

“All of them suddenly stopped speaking Russian or understanding the language. I don’t’ know what prison is like, but I felt like a prisoner there.”

According to the presenter, the hotel where they were placed in isolation had no Internet connection, and the facility management “showed absolutely no concern for the people being kept in isolation, or if they had children and relatives in Russia.”

Natalya Sevina had contracted COVID-19 already and had proof of a negative PCD test she was administered days earlier in Russia. In that sense, she explained that her positive test in Cuba was not a random occurrence.

“Later, we found out that this is a policy Cuba employs with tour operators in order to launder money from the travel insurance companies. For every “positive” PCR test, Cuba receives money… More than US$ 1,000 per positive test!”

It’s not the first time that foreign tourists report similar situations during their stay in Cuba. In July 2021, a Canadian couple who resides in Quebec and was vacationing in the island reported to Canadian television about their nightmarish trip to Cuba in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On that occasion, Claudia Gagné and her husband travelled to Cuba having been administered previously the full vaccination dosages. However, Gagné tested positive to coronavirus and had to dish out a high sum of money in order to defray the costs of Cuban medical attention.

Mrs. Gagné assured TVA Nouvelles that neither the Cuban officers that knocked on her door nor the hospital medical personnel provided her with any proof of a COVID-19 PCR testing positive. She was convinced that she had been the victim of medical fraud.

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