Spanish Company Will Rent Cars to Tourists in Cuba

Cuba renta de autos

MIAMI, United States. – The Spanish company Flexible Autos will provide car rental services to tourists in Cuba starting in February, according to the Spanish portal Agent Travel.

The company will offer rental services through Cuba On the Road, a branch that already has an office in Havana, at hotels in La Habana Vieja, Miramar and El Vedado.

According to the company director, Alessandro Patacciola, the cars that Flexible Autos will rent in Cuba are of the model SUV JEEP UAZ PATRIOT.

Rental reservations can be made online; the Cuban office will also provide road service assistance for any car that is damaged or breaks down.

“We are certain that this destination will fulfill a great historical demand and that, with Cuba On the Road, we have the peace of mind that comes from providing the best possible provider in our markets,” stated Patacciola.

The announcement came at the same time that the regime was announcing important investments in the Cayo Largo del Sur tourism pole

According to a note in the official daily Granma, the government intends to launch a capital restauration of the runway and roads, to improve the hotels as well as the activities beyond the hotels.

Cayo Largo del Sur, which when founded had only 59 hotel guest rooms and today has over 1,300, will feature a boulevard in the small town of the Key.

Among the sites being constructed are “the hotel proper, snack bars, pedestrian walkways, installations at Playa Sirena, the remodeling of the pub, modernization of desalination plant, reparation of hydraulic networks, and the construction of greenhouses,” explained to Caribbean News Digital the general manager of Empresa Turística Cayo Largo del Sur, Lázaro Esperanza Rodríguez Domínguez.

In recent years, 12,500 luxury guest rooms have been built in Cuba, and according to statistics published by Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas e Información (ONEI, by its Spanish acronym), during 2021 the island welcomed a total of 573,944 travelers, which represents a 67% drop when compared to 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the tourism sector in a crisis, with lower results than planned and luxury hotels virtually empty. However, the Cuban government continues on its frenzy to prioritize this sector. Juan Carlos García Granda, minister of Tourism, said a few days ago that Cuba hopes to welcome six million tourists by 2030, by which time 95,000 hotel guest rooms will have been finished.

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