May, 2003


Castro set the Cuban children free!

By Jonathan Kemp, Carlos Wotzkow and Alexis Molina

We are determined to start a campaign to publicize the abduction of children by Castro's Cuba. Castro, as a matter of course, holds children against the will of their parents, for the purpose of molding them into "communist personalities" as stated in his Cuban "Constitution". This technique is used to maintain his hold on power, his number one priority since his takeover in 1959. His masquerade as a communist is to hide his daily life as criminal.

Making his extensive activities against children public, we believe, is a powerful way to bring to an end this abominable behavior. We need your help for this effort to succeed. Please, send us any and all information about Cuba's kidnapping, abducting and withholding of children from their parents.

Send names of kids and parents, address of children in Cuba, photographs in JPG format, date of birth, and the date the separation began and ended, along with the answers of the Cuban authorities. Include cases of efforts to get the children out of Cuba and reunited with their parents.

We are convinced that these are among Castro's highest crimes and his biggest folly that can swing the tide of world opinion and result in the end of his reign of terror against innocent children.

Unresolved Cases: In order for the case of a separated family to be solved, the first thing that needs to be known is the details of this injustice. This campaign demands a very precise information with which then a list might be made. This list, of well-documented cases including a photo of every child (with or without the parents). This information would allow us, or would allow an interested international organization to help every particular case. It is not necessary for the parents give us an "ideological declaration", but they should give us a vote of confidence and authorize us to publish explicitly some of the information that they send to us. We are interested in their child separation problems, not their political affiliations. We want to help all Cuban children in an unbiased and honest way. When their information and e-mail address are published, the parents of abduction cases will be able to contact each other and discuss privately the particularities of their cases, and every parent will have access to people in similar situations as well as organizations.

Resolved cases: As important as the unresolved cases are the resolved cases. We need information of these cases indicating the name of the child, photo in JPG format, the years that kept them separated and the way in which they achieved a successful reunification. These resolved cases are of high value and provide personalized hope to the victims of unresolved cases, and would imply a gesture of solidarity of those families who are reunite with those who are not. The organizations interested in helping would see that it is a matter of a long struggle endured often silently for the people of Cuba, and this would stimulate their desire to help. Every method to solve a case might be read by separated parents and would serve to generate new ideas in the search for a solution. We cannot liberate your children; the most we can do is help. And for this we rely in the generosity of the concerned webmasters of the World.

Silent cases: In some cases there are parents who do not wish to publish their information for fear or any other reason, we recommend that they send their information in the same detail with the request that their case be included in the list of "silent cases". This would allow us to know only that there is another child separated from his or her parents and that they can be contacted only under mutual agreement. From this silent list, only the gender of the child, the number of children abducted, the country were the parents are located and the years of separation will be published, but the e-mails address and address of the children in Cuba will not be divulged.

If you know of a child in this situation send us your data NOW! If your answer is in English send it to: , or

About us

Jonathan Kemp: is the father of six children, an author, entrepreneur and a former US Air Force Officer. He was the director of the American Society of Aerospace Pilots (ASAP) Youth Summer Camp. His interest and activities include politics, nature and the environment. He is an advocate of and investor in solar energy, fuel cells and synthetic fuel. He was born and raised in California, and eventually is residing in Washington.

Carlos Wotzkow: is an ornithologist, and author of the books "Natumaleza Cubana" (1998) and "Covering and Discovering", with Agustín Blázquez (2001). Is also the author of dozens of articles in favor of nature and human rights in Cuba. His articles are distributed weekly in magazines and via the Internet. He has lived in Switzerland since 1992 and in the city of Bienne since 1994.

Alexis Molina: is a graduated in Economics, specialist in Computer Systems and Informatics (Hardware and Software), Digital Video Editing and Graphic Design. He is interested in Marine Ecology, Politics and Human Rights. Living in exile since 1992 and residing in Longford, Ireland, since 2000.



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