News Year 2009  
January 2010 July 2010
Independent librarian detained over children’s party // Police try to stop sellers of bread // Anti-government sign appears in Santa Clara // Dissident’s telephone tapped // Pharmacies in Santa Clara don’t have aspirins // ...and more Police called when independent journalist tries to send a telegram to Raúl Castro // Independent journalist warned not to write about Cuba’s military // Independent journalists deported to Camagüey
February 2010 August 2010
Independent journalist arrested and  charged // Dissidents arrested after wreath laying // Police raid jewelry shops in Matanzas // Russians returning to Havana // ...and more  
March 2010 September 2010
Independent journalist held for 10 hours // Independent librarian fired from government job // Ex-prisoner of conscience jailed // Pedicab drivers fined in Cienfuegos // Canadian students cause spring-break damage // Police seize pedicabs and carriages and the horses that pull them... and more  
April 2010 Octuber 2010
Police prevent three independent journalists from attending opposition meeting // Zapata’s mother prevented from marching to his graveside ... and more  
May 2010 November 2010
Independent Journalist Duped and Arrested // Journalist held without trial, more serious charge considered // Man arrested for stealing his own pressure cooker // .....and more  
June 2010 December 2010
Independent journalist told to get a government job // Anti-Castro sign in Old Havana // Journalist begins hunger strike after being returned to prison // Independent journalist arrested again, 10 days after being released // ....and more.
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