January 2009 July 2009
An outbreak of porcine cholera in Cuba // Shortage of sanitary napkins // Cuban flag missing star in state newspaper // Police target sellers of birds // Political prisoner released conditionally // ..... and more Jailed dissident doctor to be charged // Dissident doctor on hunger strike // Independent journalist detained in cemetery // Serving a 30-year sentence for stealing a cow // Dissident arrested in Guantánamo // ..... and more
February 2009 August 2009
Kicked out of cyber café for visiting U.S. site // Gravesites of fallen dissidents restored // Police threaten independent unionist with prison // Police return seized building material // ..... and more Pastor threatened because of association with dissidents // Political prisoner reported beaten on orders of State Security // Dissident sentenced to 4 years for disrespect // State Security agents and police prevent demonstration // ..... and more
March 2009 September 2009
Conga Line Follows Funeral of Dance Troupe Founder // Several Families Evicted in Urban Renewal Drive // Dissident beaten and left in countryside // U.N. urged to seek freedom of independent journalists // ..... and more State Security agents beat dissident // Dr. Darsi Ferrer denied medical treatmenty // Authorities crack down on gay activists // Police tell families whose shacks they demolished to go home // ..... and more
April 2009 Octuber 2009
Ladies in White attacked after Mass in Perico // Protestant preacher threatened by government // Prisoner who tried to divert passenger launch reported ill // Flyers demanding improved conditions appear in prison // ..... and more Imprisoned dissident says his trial was unfair // Independent journalist told he can’t be in public plaza // Detained by police 3 times in 2 days // Gay instructor loses government // Prisoner collects statistics on Las Tunas prisons // ..... and more
May 2009 November 2009
Independent journalist threatened with internal deportation // Two independent journalists detained after workshop // Police car hits independent journalist in apparent accident // Activist fired from government job again // ..... and more Bus breaks down but fares not returned // Supermarket fire was intentionally set // Subsidized potatoes dropped from ration book // Crackdown on illegal vendors // Dissident begins one-year sentence for hoarding //..... and more
June 2009 December 2009
Mother and son on hunger strikes // Sales licenses come with a catch // Gay youths fined for alleged lewdness // Lawyer’s prison sentence ratified // Independent journalist’s home // ..... and more Dissident, 80, hurt in police crackdown //
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