Daniel Serra-Badue

Cuban Polymita, 1985

Daniel Serra-Badue. Santiago de Cuba, 1914. "I was always somewhat introspective, a bit of a loner; I didn't seem to need activities outside of my studies. When I began my art training in Barcelona, Dali was already a celebrity there. I c annot claim to share a common bond, or influence or perception with the artists of my generation, since I have always had one foot in the United States and the other in Barcelona. What I have tried to do throughout my career and especially after my exile, is to seek more emphatically a universalistic direction and enhance the quality of my artistic production through study. I believe that two developments have taken place in me which may seem contradictory the confirmation of Cuban localism, and the reaff irmation of the universal. The concept of lithography in my work pays homage to Santiago de Cuba, my native city, the first place in the entire Western Hemisphere to engage in this form of print making. Through lithography I establish a second visual cont act with what I leave behind. There's a relationship between me, as an artist, and the land where I was born, which is manifested in my vision of my country. This vision is very localist, very urban, in the sense that what interests me is the architecture , the squares, and the urban setting. For better or for worse, I don't feel like a foreigner in any place, because I continue to create my own vision of the world."