Mariano Rodriguez

Gallo Amarillo - Yellow Rooster

Mariano Rodriguez. Autodidact, was born in Havana in 1912. Worked under the direction of Rodriguez Lozano, in Mexico, in 1936. Back in Cuba, was an adviser for the Painting Free Studies. Opens his first exhibition in the Lyceum of Havana, in 1942. Also exhibits in New York, in 1945, 46 and 1948.

Many of his work were exhibited and are permanently located at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York; the San Francisco Museum; the Institute of Arts, in Chicago; the Modern Art, in Paris; the Art Gallery, Stockholm; Bienal Americana, in Mexico; Bellas Artes, Argentine.

Mariano is often called a "magician", who converted nature's light and forms into a beautiful object. He was a "rebel" against all modern trends already established in his time. A trend that would not give way to any new form of expression. In 1941 started working on his "gallos",- roosters that gave him great popularity and one of them were acquired by the New York Museum of Art.

He have said: "I consider myself more an expressionist than an abstract artist, since the abstract is foreign to reality and the artist con only give it texture and space; although I always start from reality, always thinking of it and in my themes". This is true.