Aristides Fernandez

Lavanderas - Washerwomen

Aristides Fernandez. Was born in Guines, outside the Havana province, in 1904. He did not finish his studies at San Alejandro, in 1925. He worked alone and all of his work was done in his last years of living. He died in 1934 and his paintings were unknown to the world. In 1935 his friend Jorge Arche made an exhibition with first time shown Aristides' work. Fifteen years later, in 1950, an exhibition was organized at the Nation's Capitol which allowed the author to be known.

Aristides Fernandez was part of a generation who lived decisive moments filled by desires for a national recuperation. Together with Victor Manuel, they are the artists who incorporated the moments of those days with the new Cuban artistic trends. Therefore, breaking away with all rules established by the Academy.

He cultivated and developed portrait paintings with severe discipline and with diverse techniques.