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FITSaludCuba Is Announced: More Health Care for Tourists

With hospitals in precarious conditions, the regime “is looking to guarantee that tourists or patients receive adequate care through modern health tourism.”

MADRID, Spain. – The Cuban government introduced the First Annual International Health and Wellness Tourism Fair (FITSaludCuba), which will take place at the Pabexpo fairs center as part of the XV Health for Everyone Fair between October 17th and 20th of this year.

During the gathering at Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana, authorities referred to FITSaludCuba as an opportunity for exchanges, new business and collaborations with travel agencies, tour operators and sales networks.

They also announced the First International Seminar on Medical Tourism, and the Second Forum on Foreign Investment.

Yamila de Armas, president of Comercializadora de Servicios Medicos Cubanos S.A. (Cuba’s medical services marketing company), stated that tourism in Cuba is a safe tourism.

De Armas mentioned the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and the campaign “Siente tu Seguridad (Feel Your Safety), “which aims to guarantee that tourists or patients receive adequate care through modern, contemporary and effective health tourism.”

Antonio Garricarte, president of Cuba’s Chamber of Commerce, stated that there is a potential in the island linking natural and social conditions with great results achieved in the realm of science and health, that has not been exploited.

Armando Garrido, president of MediCuba, explained that the fundamental topics at FITSaludCuba will revolve around “the public health challenges to meet universal health goals in a post pandemic scenario.”

Health tourism in Cuba: a government strategy to revive the sector

In 2020, when the tourism sector in the island began to collapse due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Cuban government launched campaigns to attract foreigners to “a safe country” with a “strong health system”.

Ever since Juan Carlos García Granda, today’s Minister of Tourism, announced in late 2021 that Cuba was expected to welcome at least two and a half million tourists in 2022, Cuban authorities have continued to present Cuba as a tourism destination in several national and international events.

In early May, in the context of the 40th International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2022, Comercializadora de Servicios Me2dicos S.A. and the Cubanacán Group signed an agreement to promote health tourism in the island.

In August 2021, amidst a wave of COVID-19 contagion, the Cuban government has presented its health tourism package at the International Travel Fair in Guanzhou, China.

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