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jueves, 19 de mayo, 2022 11:30 am

Cuban Regime Launches Project to Protect Turtles as a Tourist Attraction

In its plan to welcome two and a half million tourists in 2022, Cuba continues to venture on Nature tourism.

MADRID, Spain. – In its efforts to revive the tourism sector, the Cuban government is developing a project for the protection of different species of marine turtles, as an attraction for foreign visitors.

Cuban biologist, Gonzalo Nodarse, explained to the news outlet Xinhua that this project, in Cayo Largo del Sur, “catches the attention of foreign visitors.”

“What we are doing is moving to other sites the nests in front of the hotels, mainly where there are beaches; we are taking into consideration that tourists walking on the sand can impede the ability of the newly-hatched turtles to make their way to the surface,” he explained.

In his statement, Nodarse highlighted “the natural virtues of almost-virgin beaches in the Caribbean region.”

According to specialist Leonardo Rodríguez, the turtle protection program’s objective is “to raise consciousness among tourists about the need to care for the planet in light of the challenges that climate change brings.”

Among the activities being organized for tourists are turtle night sightings.

Cayo Largo del Sur was relaunched as tourist destination during the recent International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2022). Its main beaches are Paraíso, Sirena and Linda Mar, where foreigners have options such as diving, water sports and coral reef watching.

Government’s strategies for the development of tourism

At the start of FITCuba 2022, Cuban authorities conducted an event titled “For Tourism that Suits All Generations” during which several actions were discussed to foster a sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism.

According to Elba Rosa Pérez, Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment, demolition of permanent structures on the sand dunes was taking place, as well as an increase in the number of shaded areas along the sand and public spaces.

In the context of the Fair, as part of the regime’s strategies to reach two and a half million tourists in 2022, an agreement was also signed to promote health tourism in the island.

The agreement, signed between Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos (Medical Services Marketing Company) and Grupo Cubanacán, intends for tourists to enjoy beaches like Varadero and “receive their hemodialysis treatment in a safe manner.”

In a report published by CubaNet, a team of our reporters stated with certainty that health tourism in the island is “a paradise for foreigners”, which contrasts with the state of hospitals whose facilities lack the most basic regular maintenance.

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