“But, There Is Money for This!”: Cayo Largo del Sur Airport Runway Is Inaugurated

pista de aterrizaje, cayo largo del sur

MADRID, Spain. – On July 6th, the Cuban government inaugurated a new runway at the Vilo Acuña International Airport in Cayo Largo del Sur, Isle of Youth.

“Upon conclusion of the investment process, everything is ready to welcome flights soon,” stated Cuba’s Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, on Twitter.

In addition to paving the new runway, the facility has a new control tower, an aircraft refueling system, and an air terminal with capacity for 400 passengers.

The inauguration of the new runway is part of a group of important investments in Cayo Largo del Sur, which was relaunched as a tourist destination during the recent International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2022).

The Cayo Largo del Sur tourism pole, at present managed by Grupo Hotelero Gran Caribe, will be managed starting in the winter season by Blue Diamond Resorts, a Canadian hotel chain with a strong presence in the island.

Presently, it features close to 1,348 guest rooms. Among its main beaches, it has Paraíso, Sirena and Linda Mar, which offer options in diving, water sports and coral reef viewing. Also, a project in progress for the protection of various marine turtle species, as an attraction for foreign visitors.

In spite of the serious crisis facing the country, the Cuban regime does not halt any tourism-related investment project, which sparks discontent among the people, who live with housing and hospital inadequacies, as well as shortages of basic needs.

Following Juan Carlos García Granda’s Twitter publication about the new runway, Cubans commented: “But, there is money for this.” “When it comes to this, there is no mention of the embargo.”

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