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October 2007

October 31

The Miami Herald
• Imprisoned Castro critic Oscar Biscet honored by Bush
• U.N. urges end to Cuba trade embargo
• In Caribbean, dozens dead in Noel's wake
• Cuban migrants rescued off Tavernier Key
• Venezuelans of Cuban descent use heritage to enter U.S.

Tropical Storm Noel hits Cuba
Tropical Storm Noel brought heavy rain to the western Caribbean Tuesday as it pushed through Cuba and edged closer to Florida. Floods and mudlides across the region have killed at least 22 people.
Yahoo! News.
Bush: World must shape post-Castro Cuba
President George W. Bush called on the world to steer Cuba out of its "tropical Gulag" toward democracy, drawing charges from Havana that he is inciting to violence.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba warns US against regime change
Cuba's foreign minister on Tuesday warned that his country is prepared to defend itself if the United States tries to bring regime change by force, saying a conflict would jeopardize U.S. stability.
Yahoo! News.
Putin: US plan evokes '62 Cuban crisis
President Vladimir Putin on Friday evoked one of the most dangerous confrontations of the Cold War to highlight Russian opposition to a proposed U.S. missile defense system in Europe, comparing it to the Cuban missile crisis of 45 years ago.
Yahoo! News.
Regime deserves no oxygen
Last week, President Bush spoke passionately about the plight of the Cuban people, introducing America to the families of political prisoners who have been shackled in Cuba's prisons simply because of their beliefs.
Carlos Gutiérrez. USA TODAY.
Che Guevara Hair Lock Sold for $100,000
A hair lock snipped from Ernesto "Che" Guevara before his burial in 1967 sold for $100,000 at auction Thursday to a Houston-area bookstore owner who called the Marxist "one of the greatest revolutionaries of the 20th century."
Yahoo! News.
Bush call for Cuba democracy fund likely to fall on deaf ears: experts
Bush on Wednesday, in his first address since 2003 to focus solely on Cuba, called on the world to help transform the communist island from a "tropical Gulag" by investing economic and political capital in its pro-democracy movements.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba Defiant in Face of Bush Speech
Cuba on Wednesday accused President Bush of threatening to take over the communist island by force in response to the U.S. leader's call for change in the country.
Yahoo! News.
Fact Sheet: Encouraging Freedom, Justice, And Prosperity In Cuba
President Bush Announces A Series Of Measures To Support Growing Democratic Movements In Cuba
Yahoo! News.


Cuba's Waning System of Block-Watchers
Raul Castro May Push to Revitalize a Legacy, and Enforcement Tool, of the Revolution.
The Washington Post.

A new course for Cuba policy
We've lifted trade and travel embargoes on China and Vietnam; why should Havana be different?.
L.A. Times.

Bush Vows to Stay the Course On U.S. Policy Toward Cuba
Hard-Line Posture Increasingly Draws Questions.
The Washington Post.

October 18

The Miami Herald
• Minnesota's agriculture commissioner going to Cuba
• Huge migrant tent city planned for Gitmo
• CIA to honor Bay of Pigs vets at its art gallery
• Appeal deals blow to Cuban father
• Media group criticizes acts by Cuba, Venezuela

Cuba, Venezuela Increase Economic Ties
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuba's interim leader Raul Castro oversaw the signing Monday of economic partnerships in areas ranging from oil production to tourism as the nations moved to further integrate their economies.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba may be considering a more market-driven economy
Two dozen theater workers recently sat around a sun-splashed garden cafeteria in the Vedado neighborhood. They had been summoned by bosses to discuss Cuba's economic woes.
Ray Sánchez, South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
US challenges Castro to have dialogue with people
The United States on Monday challenged ailing Cuban President Fidel Castro to hold dialogue with his people, following his much publicized live media appearance with his Venezuelan ally Hugo Chavez.
Yahoo! News.
Long-absent Castro speaks live on TV
Cubans heard their ailing President Fidel Castro joking and chattering as he spoke live for the first time in months on a television show hosted by his Venezuelan ally Hugo Chavez.
Yahoo! News.
Chávez destabilizes, and U.S. pays bill
Chávez is following Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's script -- create conflicts with domestic and foreign ''enemies'' and claim you are defending a larger-than-life revolution in order to stay in power forever. Only difference is, with oil prices at a record $87 a barrel, Chávez is doing it with tons of money.
Andres Oppenheimer, .The Miami Herald.
Cuba's upcoming elections are neither free nor fair
People in Need, a Czech human rights and development NGO, calls upon the media and policy makers not to confuse the elections in Cuba with what are commonly called elections in democratic countries.
People in Need.
Parliamentary Elections in today's Cuba
It is a well-known that Cuba's current political system originates from the Constitution of 1975, which went into effect in 1976.
René Gómez Manzano.
Municipal elections in Cuba
Elections for delegates of the municipal assemblies of People's Power have begun in Cuba. These elections are of considerable importance for two reasons.
René Gómez Manzano.

October 6

The Miami Herald
• 2 used 'church' to violate Cuba travel ban
• Fidel, Cuba pay homage to Che
• Plan for post-Castro Cuba outlined
• Canadian firms offer Cuban healthcare to U.S. Canadian patients

Bush calls for release of all Cuba's political prisoners
President George W. Bush Wednesday called for the release of Jose Luis Garcia Paneque and all other political prisoners held in Cuba, after meeting the dissident reporter's family at the White House.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba may be considering a more market-driven economy
Two dozen theater workers recently sat around a sun-splashed garden cafeteria in the Vedado neighborhood. They had been summoned by bosses to discuss Cuba's economic woes.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
Castro 'lucid and at full capacity'
Fidel Castro is "lucid" and mentally is "at full capacity," Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said on Thursday following a two-day visit to Havana.
Yahoo! News.
Cuban-Americans help Ukrainian children
On Monday, it was nine Ukrainian children playing with dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium while waiting to be fitted with free prosthetic limbs.
Yahoo! News.
28 killed in bus, train crash in Cuba
A bus collided with a train in eastern Cuba, killing at least 28 people and injuring another 73, including 15 reported to be in critical condition, state television said late Saturday.
Yahoo! News.

October 5

The Miami Herald
• CIA officer named to Cuba-Venezuela post
• Planning for land claims after Fidel is gone
• Judge: Cuban girl to spend more time with dad
• Cuban diplomat: Mexico immigration accord needed

U.S. faults Cuba for visa shortfall
The United States issued only about 15,000 of the 20,000 emigrant visas it had agreed to issue to Cubans during the last fiscal year, American authorities said Monday, and they blamed Cuban officials for the shortfall.
Yahoo! News.
Cuban dissidents denounce break-up of protest
Cuban dissident leaders denounced Friday the police detention of 47 activists attempting to hold a street protest in Havana on behalf of political prisoners.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba ends controversy over Che Guevara's body
Cuba has confirmed that the body found at a grave in Bolivia's Vallegrande town was that of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, thus ending a controversy over the authenticity of the body of the socialist revolutionary who was slain by Bolivian army in 1967.
Yahoo! News.
US readies for 'mass exodus' from Cuba after Castro
The US government is prepared for a possible mass exodus of Cubans after the death of elderly leader Fidel Castro, US-Cuba transition coordinator Caleb McCarry said.
Yahoo! News.
Castro says ex-Spanish prime minister Aznar urged bombing of Serbian media
Fidel Castro on Sunday accused former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar of urging Washington to bomb Serbian radio and television stations during NATO's participation in the war in Kosovo.
Yahoo! News.
Few Manitobans become 'medical tourists' in Cuba
A Manitoba company offering "foreign surgery for the middle classes" is finding most of its patients come from the Maritimes and the United States, not its home province.
Yahoo! News.
Cuban VP Calls for Greater Efficiency
Cuba needs to produce higher-quality goods more efficiently, cut graft and reduce reliance on gasoline, a major economic leader said in remarks published Sunday.
Yahoo! News.
Cuba to open new stage in foreign investment
In what may be seen as an attempt to open up its economy, Cuba is preparing to invite more foreign investment in a 'new climate' in the country and to prevent errors committed in the past, Foreign Investment Minister Marta Lomas said.
Yahoo! News.
The Cubanization of Venezuelan schools
There have been plenty of signs that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is poised to take over as the anti-imperialist leader of the Americas, a position until now held unofficially by ailing Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It is now evident that Chavez is no longer trying to take baby steps toward an authoritarian regime.
Maria Elena Salinas.
Catholic church losing strength in Cuba
On a January morning nearly 10 years ago, Archbishop Pedro Meurice introduced a papal mass here in the island's second-largest city by boldly accusing the state of corrupting the moral traditions of Cuba.
Ray Sanchez. Sun-Sentinel.
Cabinet official assesses Cuban economy
Cuba needs to produce higher-quality goods more efficiently, cut graft and reduce reliance on gasoline, a major economic leader said in remarks published Sunday.
Yahoo! News.

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