June 29

FROM CUBA / Only the government is allowed to answer foreigners' questions / APLO

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuban journalist jailed for distributing "false information" / CPJ

Fidel Castro got what he wanted in picking Andrea Mitchell to visit Elian / Media Research

China and Cuba: Dangerous Liaison / NewsMax

Dialogue: Castro's enzymes at end of the line / New Zealand News

Lesson of Elian / NewsMax

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Policy group objects to Cuba travel ban / MSNBC

A new course for Cuba? / Tallahassee Democrat

Cuban Celia Cruz launches new label / Ananova

June 28

FROM CUBA / Shortage of hypodermic needles in Santiago de Cuba hospitals / APLO

FROM CUBA / "Fabrications" and fainting spells / José Antonio Fornaris / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Pastors for Peace travels through city / Amarillo Globe-News

Elian's return to Cuba: One year later, it's back to normal but forever changed / Sun-Sentinel

Castro and his propaganda not dead yet / Hank Tester / NBC

Cuba's organic revolution / BBC News

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Elian Gone, But Not Forgotten / CBS

In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd / Los Angeles Times

Teenage baseball player represents U.S. in Cuba /

June 27

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Inquiry gathers torture evidence / Miami Herald

Castro glorifies Cuban spies / WorldNetDaily

Cuba cranking up propaganda machine / Chicago Tribune

External links

Elian In Reverse, Minus Chorus

Elian's saga, a year later / MSNBC

June 26

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Castro collapse could speed aid to Cuban dissidents / CNSNews

Prisoners' notes tell tales / Sun-Sentinel

Friendly greeting set for Ashcroft / Miami Herald

Elian II / Wall Street Journal

Castro: The great survivor / BBC News

Leftwing stooges create another front for Castro / The New Australian

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Cubans ponder life after Castro / Financial Times

Attorney general restrained on Cuba issues / Sun-Sentinel

June 25

FROM CUBA / Strange campaign against produce vendors / APLO

FROM CUBA / Massification: Mania or madness? / Víctor Rolando Arroyo / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Dismal future / Oscar Espinosa Chepe

FROM CUBA / Virtual reality, Cuban style / Fara Armenteros / UPECI

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Irking Castro can't be bad / Chicago Sun-Times

Remembering Castro's thugs / Grenier / WorldNetDaily

A dose of Castro oil /

Cuban counterfeit cigar production reported to be on the rise / Bloomberg

Cuban hotel uses old Havana and cigars to create a new image / Bloomberg

External links

Fresh off Cuba visit, Elian rescuer to tell all /

Golden years tarnished in Cuba / Chicago Tribune

Elian fight revived Cubans on all sides / Chicago Tribune

OTHER OPINION: Bush mustn't let Castro profit from property that was stolen / Atlanta Journal

A Reporter's Unfinished Story / The Washington Post

June 22

FROM CUBA / New strain of dengue fever in Havana / Cuba-Verdad

FROM CUBA / Bank robber in eastern Cuba becoming legend / Reinaldo Cosano Alén

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Many in prison are more deserving of attention that Berenson received / The Miami Herald

One-year anniversary of Elian Gonzalez's return to Cuba: action by Cuban-American leaders / Yahoo!

The Cuban spies, pathetic excuses / The Miami Herald

Why the double standard for Castro? / NewsMax

Castro regime blocks father-child reunion / CNSNews

U.N. approves Cuban-backed resolution regarding Puerto Rico / The Sacramento Bee

External links

Exiled doctor, family wait to grieve

China-Cuba/US-Taiwan tit-for-tat

Cuban revolution

June 21

FROM CUBA / 120 neighborhoods classified as unhealthy / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Doctors go on hunger strike in Santiago de Cuba / APLO

FROM CUBA / Disinfectant withdrawn from the market / Reinaldo Cosano Alén

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuban liberty and a test for Bush / Boston Globe

External links

Cartons For Cuba: Pastors For Peace Give Supplies To Cuba / The Southern Illinoisan

Offering up a Cuba connection

Varadero Journal: Golfers Frolic in Proletarian Cuba / NY Times

June 20

FROM CUBA / Dog meat sold as mutton in local market / APLO

FROM CUBA / Independent library receives donation / APLO

Castro denies weapons shipments from China / The Washington Times

U.S. Congress Exempts Itself From Cuba Cigar Import Regulations / Bloomberg

Cuba's Answer To Aids / CTNow

Cuba: Five convicted agents were heroes protecting their nation / Miami Herald

Scots firms win in Cuba / The Scottsman

Cuban friendship rally doesn't take flight / Palm Beach Post

Cuba's small capitalists face less friendly future / Chicago Tribune

'El Duque's' story a compelling read / San Francisco Chronicle

Cuban spies: Guilty / Maggie Khuly / Miami Herald

Harley lovers pay homage to the mechanic in the sky / Sun-Sentinel (external link)

In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd: Missing the Cuban Sun / The New York Times (external link)

June 19

Wife of defector killed in crash / Miami Herald

BBC set to help Cuba digitalise / BBC News

Tommy hilfiger Corporate Foundation teams up with the Boys' Club of New York for a cultural exchange trip to Cuba / Yahoo!

Development-Cuba: Renewable Energy to Light Up the Countryside /

Mobile attorney to visit Cuba as part of ambassadors program / Alabama Live

Senator intervenes on Cuba art project / Lawrence Journal

U.S. media are Castro's biggest ally, exiles say /

Rum war tests U.S. foreign policy / Kenneth Brown / Miami Herald

A shoot less ordinary! /

June 18

FROM CUBA / Manicurist removes stitches / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Cortés residents have no medical service / APSIC

FROM CUBA / Fourteen city neighborhoods have no water service / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Cuban parks die a natural death / Tania Díaz Castro

FROM CUBA / The monster and I / Manuel David Orrion / CPI

Aid we'd rather not receive / The New York Times

Arafat Sends Letter Of Thanks To Castro / CNS News

Rice-Rich Vietnamese Province Opens Trade Office in Cuba / PlanetRice

Reno chats on Cuban radio, answers critics about Elián / Miami Herald

Cozying up to Fidel / Oliver North / The Washington Times

Sandra, Castro's Little Prisoner / Newsmax

It's love - but don't tell Fidel / The Observer

Scholar harvests Cuban industry's history / Palm Beach Post

Tampa players recall baseball trips to Cuba / The Tampa Tribunet

Hands across the gulf to Cuba / Sunspot

Hub pharmacists learning from Cuba / Boston Herald

June 15

FROM CUBA / Public money, private money / Manuel David Orrio / CPI

FROM CUBA / No need to be embarrassed / Víctor Rolando Arroyo / UPECI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Shipwrecked Cubans granted temporary residence in the Dominican Republic / Miami Herald

Aid for Dissidents in Cuba / The New York Times

Tales of Cuban exiles map their longing, grief, humor / The Seattle Times

Be Sure to Visit the Real Cuba / NewsMax

Cuba's National Theatre Director Set for Panel / LA Times

June 14

FROM CUBA / Commerce in counterfeit cigars on the upswing / UPECI

Bill to ease embargo offered / Miami Herald

Boat with five Cuban refugees intercepted off Marco Island / Naples Daily News

China claims sale of 'logistics items,' not arms / The Washington Times

U.S. Disavows Comment on China, Cuba / Yahoo!

Havana healing: Cuba opens arms to victims of Chernobyl / The Dallas Morning News

An incoherent policy on Cuba / Miami Herald

Venezuela Now Almost a Cuban Satellite / NewsMax

Randall Robinson's Love Affair with Castro / FrontPageMagazine

June 13

FROM CUBA / Hospital's operating room closed indefinitely / Cuba Voz

FROM CUBA / Local Authorities Forbid Sales Of Milk Products / Cuba Voz

FROM CUBA / More than one million appliances sold at dollar stores / CPI

Secret arms shipments from China to Cuba reported / Miami Herald

EU wins ruling on Cuban rum / Financial Times

Beijing's arms sale won't net sanctions / The Washington Times

SA investors in Cuba not punished under US law / Business Report

Chinese Company Runs Guns - and Who Knows What Else

'It's like a Schindler's List for Cubans' / The Guardian

June 12

FROM CUBA / Dark humor to deal with poor conditions at Havana hospital / Cuba-Verdad

FROM CUBA / Government journalist and her two sons evicted from home / APLO

Cuba News / Miami Herald

China secretly shipping Cuba arms / The Washington Times

Battle over rum could hurt U.S. trademarks / Chicago Tribune

Venezuela tilts further toward Cuba / St. Petersburg Times

Pursuing a Medical Career, All the Way to Cuba / The New York Times

Fleeing Cubans in Dominican Republic / Yahoo!

June 11

FROM CUBA / Workers hounded by "battle of ideas" / APLO

FROM CUBA / Only with dollars / UPECI

FROM CUBA / We own nothing / Lucas Garve / CPI

FROM CUBA / No water, rain or shine / José Antonio Fornaris / Cuba-Verdad

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Spies Unmasked / Miami Herald

Spy trial verdict challenges us all / Miami Herald

Expert: Foreign spies serious threat to U.S. /

Cuba's entrepreneurs find it tough going amid red tape, state competition / Sun-Sentinel

End the charade of Cuba trade act / The Seattle Times

Elian raid flashback: NBC camera crew beaten /

A look at the defendants in the Cuban espionage trial / Sun-Sentinel

Americas Chavez Urges Cuban-Style Neighborhood Groups / VOA News

Bush weighs Helms-Burton law / The Washington Times

June 8

FROM CUBA / Political police arrest Cuban environmentalists / UPECI

FROM CUBA / Charges against six men stem from Elián trip / Lux Info Press

FROM CUBA / Corruption Seen In Assigning Places For Elder Care / Fara Armenteros / UPECI

U.S. execs in Havana to explore future trade / Sun-Sentinel

Cuba Forecasts Facilities Could Accommodate 3 Million Visitors / Bloomberg

Media ignore Cuban espionage / WorldNetDaily

Elián's family can sue the U.S. / Miami Herald

The defiant one / Guardian Limited

Study: Anti-Cuba Law Strengthens Castro Regime / CNS News

Americans circumvent Cuba ban / The Dallas Morning News

June 7

FROM CUBA / Nickel industry workers pay for their employers' misdeeds / APLO

FROM CUBA / Preferences of Cuban TV viewers: there's nothing else on / Lázaro Raúl González / CPI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Our RAM in Havana / Wired News

Cuban singer and cigar connoisseur Compay Segundo cancels tours / Bloomberg

Independence leader thanks senior Cuban official for support in Vieques fight / Miami Herald

History takes form in Cuba / Orlando Sentinel

June 6

FROM CUBA / Communist militant wins Radio Martí contest and gets reprimand / Miguel Sigler Amaya

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Santiago de Cuba Journal: In Book-Starved Cuba, Little Feasts for the Hungry / NY Times

Nelson's Cuba visit endorsed by exiles / Miami Herald

Moakley, Castro exchanged letters in congressman's final days /

Port cancels trade show trip to Cuba / Houston Chronicle

Silicon Island: A Cuban Fantasy? / Wired News

June 5

FROM CUBA / Growing despair over education in eastern Cuban province / Lux InfoPress

Police harass fifty unemployed in Camagüey / CPIC

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Castro Says Cuba Exemplifies a 'Better Society' / CNS News

S. Florida residents tour Cuba industries / Sun-Sentinel

Racism at the INS? /

Reich a flawed payoff for exile support / Fernandez Levy / Miami Herald

June 4

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuba slams US over visa / BBC

Cuba Making Bid For 2012 Olympics / CNS News

Denouncement to OAS of the Girl Held in Cuba /

No cigar on Cuban relations / The Globe and Mail

Cubans flex muscles in world of controversy / Independent News

Strong childhood bond shepherds Cuban to new home / Post-Gazette

June 1

FROM CUBA / Polyclinic in East Havana literally falling apart / Reinaldo Cosano Alén

FROM CUBA /Prices up on rice and private transportation / UPECI

Cuba News / Yahoo!

Cuban competitor missing from Pan Am Games for the Blind / Miami Herald

Senate switch threatens Cuba measures / Chicago Tribune

Sherritt sees great future supplying coal to U.S. despite Cuba connection / The Province

He's Wrong on Cuba--Again / LA Times



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