October 29

FROM CUBA:Government Pays Attention to Dissident Message / CPI

Pro-Castro protest outside Cuba dissident meeting / Reuters

Cuba wouldn't protest U.S. trial of Olympic boxer / Reuters

Illinois ag chief sees opportunities with Cuba / Reuters

Cuba Criticizes Gov. Ryan Meeting / AP

Cuba honors guerrilla hero who died 40 years ago / Reuters

Cuba blasts U.S. diplomats over governor's visit / Reuters

What's just passing 'through'? / Miami Herald

Ryan missed the mark in Cuba, observers say / Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Governor Defends Visit to Castro / The Washington Post

October 28

FROM CUBA: Jewish Family Harassed / Carmelo Díaz / APSIC

FROM CUBA: Dengue Fever Spreads in Cuban Capital / Migdalia Rosado / Tamarindo 34

Cuba To Build 6,000 Houses In Brazzaville / Africa News Online

Ill. Governor: Cuba Visit a Success / AP

Cuban economist sees $3 bln remittances since '89 / Reuters

Tough talk from Castro as U.S. governor ends visit / Reuters

US Not Letting Up on Cuba Sanctions / AP

Cuba News / The Miami Herald

Mala vista social club / The Economist

Drug issues put Cuba relations in jeopardy / The Chicago Sun-Times

Castro praises Ryan visit / The Chicago Sun-Times

Cubs, White Sox games in Cuba discussed / The Chicago Sun-Times

Ryan doesn't get all that he sought / Chicago Tribune

Ailing Cuban boy coming to U.S. /

Join hands with Cubans, Zambian traders urged / Africa News Online

October 27

U.S. governor Ryan meets Cuba's Castro for 7 hours / Reuters

Irish Republic to Open Diplomatic Ties With Cuba, AFP Reports / Bloomberg

ANALYSIS-Governor's Cuba trip will not sway U.S. / Reuters

Ill. Gov. Leaves Cuba With Sick Boy / AP

CANF Deplores Attempts to Revive 'Trade With Terrorists' Bid / PRNewswire

Ryan mum on Castro topics / Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois governor says lifting Cuban embargo would aid Americans / CNN

Let spirit of Marti be a reminder that a tyrant now rules Cuba / Orlando Sentinel

"U.S. Policy toward Cuba Is Schizophrenic" / Business Week Online

"The Price That [the U.S.] Imposes on Cuba Is Unfeasible" / Business Week Online

How To Lose The Grammys / The Miami Herald

October 26

Dissident urges summit leaders to meet all Cubans / Reuters

Illinois governor meets dissidents in Cuba, calls for end to embargo / CNN

Ryan has harsh words for Castro / Chicago Tribune

U.S. governor says he wants Cuba sanctions lifted / Reuters

Cuban Archbishop Receives Honorary Doctorate From U.S. / EWTN

Cuba vows to fight drug smugglers -- without U.S. help / CNN

George Ryan says Cubans have suffered under Castro / BBC News

Fania All-Stars: Latin Rhythms, From the 30's to Now / NY Times

October 25

U.S. governor tours Havana after human rights talk / Reuters

Cuba appoints new labor minister / Reuters

Lawmakers demand probe in Cuban deaths / Miami Herald

Cuba's Olympic boxer arrested in Miami-police / Reuters

Ill. Gov. Touring Cuban Sites / AP

Ryan Gives Boost To Religion In Cuba / Chicago Tribune

Alleged smugglers face Cuba trial after drownings / Reuters

Cuban Official Blasts U.S. Embargo / AP

Drowned Cuban Migrants Mourned / AP

Cuban Americans Urged to Keep Hope / LA Times

Cuba summit: A shout in the dark / Miami Herald

Ryan prays with 'neighbors' / Chicago Sun-Times

Salute to Cuban hero / Orlando Sentinel

Ryan making history with his visit to Cuba / Chicago Sun-Times

Migrants travel seas of desperation / Naples Daily News

October 22

Iraq may buy Cuba sugar, medicines under U.N. deal / Reuters

Two Cuban refugees drown after boat capsizes, authorities say / AP

Cuba denies persecution of opposition activists / Reuters

Colombian government envoys, rebels meet in Cuba / Reuters

Cuba hails first U.S. governor visit under Castro / Reuters

IEA Head to Represent America's Educators in Cuba / PRNewswire

Cuban Sugar Harvest OK After Storm / AP

Cuba Says Embargo Opposition Growing / AP

Castro fears the modest Cuban independent libraries / Frank Calzon / Miami Herald

2 drown, 2 arrested in escape from Cuba / Miami Herald

Ryan Concedes Visit To Havana A 'Ticklish' Issue / Chicago Tribune

Cuba Children Put Heart And Soul Into Mission / Zenit

From 'Buena Vista,' Ageless Beauty / The Washington Post

The Case of Alejandre, Costa, de la Peña and Morales in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS / Diario Las Américas

October 21

Detentions in Cuba as dissidents more active / Reuters

Ill. Governor To Visit Cuba / AP

Havana's Archbishop To Visit U.S. / AP

Cuba sends doctors to aid Kosovo reconstruction / Reuters

Cuban Band Cancels Miami-Area Show / AP

Mother of Cuban Boy Hopes for Visa / AP

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to play in Cuba / AP

How to get around bad relations / The Globe and Mail

Journalists under attack in Americas, group says governments accused of silencing critics / Chicago Tribune

From today's National Journal's

October 20

Easing of Cuba Sanctions Sought / AP

Senator Mack hails Organization of American States report

Ryan gets OK to go to Cuba / Chicago Tribune

Pentagon report reveals nuclear-capable weapons on Cuban soil during '62 crisis / The National Post

Cardinal calls for 'forgiveness' in Cuba / Miami Herald

Inside the Cuba connection / The Globe and Mail

Petition for the release of Cuban political prisoners / Association Europeenne Cuba Libre

Challenge the human-rights abusers / The Miami Herald

October 19

Bomb scare at Havana ballet school / Reuters

US Senate to vote anew on U.S.-Cuba trade sanctions / Reuters

Ill. governor to be first to visit Cuba under Castro / Reuters

Cuban Catholic Church urges partial prison amnesty / Reuters

Cuba says Hurricane Irene won't affect sugar crop / Reuters

Drug dealers reportedly used Cuba as a meeting place or refuge / Miami Herald

No Reason To Begin Trading With Cuba / Chicago Tribune

Fenway's Peons Don't Faze 'El Duque' / The Washington Post

October 18

El Salvador becomes fifth country to boycott summit in Cuba / CNN

Church Leaders Wind Up Cuba Visit / AP

U.N. atomic watchdog praises Cuba safeguard move / Reuters

Other leaders plan to attend Cuba trip / Chicago Sun-Times

Governor revises Cuba trip request / Chicago Sun-Times

El Salvador president pulls out of Cuba summit / Reuters

Ryan Is Right On Cuba / Chicago Tribune

CIA figure for Bay of Pigs invasion dies / Miami Herald

October 15

Four feared dead in Cuba from Hurricane Irene / Reuters

Elderly exile "rebels" face long jail in Cuba / Reuters

Cuba accuses U.S. of trying to spoil Havana summit / Reuters

Cuba denies "secret'' Jewish emigration program / Reuters

Cuba's Castro Directs Fight Versus Hurricane Irene / Fox News

House plans to investigate POWs' torture / Miami Herald

Castro checks storm preparations as Hurricane Irene nears Cuban coast / Fox News

October 14

IFLA Committee Condemns Cuban Library Repression / Friends of Cuban Libraries

FAIFE reaction to violations of intellectual freedom in Cuba / IFLA

Hurricane Irene Approaches W. Cuba / AP

Leader To Boycott Cuba Conference/ AP

Miami politicians act to bar popular Cuban band / Reuters

Leaders Say Others May Leave Cuba / AP

Well-known Cuban actor seeks U.S. asylum - report / Reuters

Councilwoman's plan to visit Cuba draws fire /

Journal rebuts Castro charge of U.S. biological warfare / Miami Herald

The Cubans / TIME Magazine

Cuba Travel Tips / Chicago Tribune

October 13

Castro Invited to Canal Handover / AP

Cuba Jews say emigration to Israel still on track / Reuters

Archbishop Calls For Respect For Liturgy In Cuba / EWTN

World Council Of Churches Against Cuban Embargo / Zenit

The Ever-So-Quiet Exodus of Cubans to Israel / NY Times

October 12

ANALYSIS - Cuban dissidents seek summit visibility / Reuters

Cuban opponent criticizes denial of travel permission / AP

Cuban Jews confirm immigration deal, deny secrecy / Reuters

Canada helped Cuban Jews emigrate to Israel / Reuters

Czech govt imposes visas on North Korea, Cuba / Reuters

Aid to Cuban immigrants inadequate / The Jerusalem Post

Havana in Our Man / The Washington Post

Cuban meningitis / Boston Globe

Letter on scheduled Dutch trade mission to Cuba / Pax Christi

October 11

Israel worried Cuban Jewish migration at risk / Reuters

Report: Castro Let Jews Go To Israel / AP

Cuba says Pinochet should be tried in Chile / Reuters

Cuba honors "Che'' Guevara, buries former comrades / Reuters

Miami Protesters Snub Cuban Band / AP

Europe is top market for Cuban meningitis vaccine / Reuters

Bush Stands Firm on Cuba Embargo / AP

Protestant leader hails freer religion in Cuba / Reuters

Editorial: In praise of the courageous / Miami Herald

Riding waves from Cuba to freedom / Chicago Sun-Times

Tournament brings security concerns / The Tampa Tribune

Japan beats Cuba for exhibition baseball sweep / Kyodo

Papers Show Yanks' Hernandez Older / AP

Canada aids Cuban exodus / The Globe and Mail

Despite criticism, Ryan says visit is good for business / Chicago Sun-Times

Man posing as Re/Max agent faces arrest / The Denver Post Online

Hazy in Havana / NY Times

Air Transat caught up in battle over confiscated Cuban property / The National Post

Los Van Van to return to Miami in December /

October 8

Federal Judge Orders Arrest of Cuban Businessman in RE/MAX Trademark Case / PRNewswire

Sacked Cuban foreign minister sent to college / Reuters

Third World countries behind Castro - Chiluba / Africa News Online

Ryan's Cuba trip under fire / MSNBC

October 7

Guatemalan Leader Returns From Cuba / AP

Six Cubans Swim to Florida Keys / AP

U.S. fishermen denied access to Hemingway forum / Reuters

Guatemalan "terrorists'' in Cuba may be sent home / Reuters

30 migrants from Cuba, Haiti flee into Florida over 82-mile stretch of beach /

In Cuba, Seeds of a Design Renaissance / NY Times

Cuba eyes Illinois as trade partner / Chicago Sun-Times

1890s Cuban Revolutionary Getting Used To Getting Used / Chicago Tribune

October 6

Cuba, Guatemala Strengthen Ties / AP

Cuba readies for improved 1999/2000 sugar harvest / Reuters

U.S. Mayors Discuss Cuba Renewal / AP

Mexico pursues investment pacts with Cuba, others / Reuters

Baseball-Cuban defector impresses scouts / Reuters

A Deadly Embrace / NY Times

Cuba-Illinois courtship on / Chicago Tribune

Three months later, Cuban rafters who fled Coast Guard adapting nicely to U.S., freedom /

Cuban Hemingway plates stolen from IGFA Hall of Fame /

Zambia promises to intensify its opposition of Cuba's blockade / Africa Online

October 5

Cuba upbeat over possible Tabacalera-Seita merger / Reuters

Mayors Study Preservation in Cuba / AP

Guatemalan leader Arzu on historic trip to Cuba / Reuters

Cuba says U.S. denying permits for Hemingway forum / Reuters

Hernandez Never Met an Argument He Didn't Like / NY Times

Coast Guard: Refugees Attack Again / AP

October 2

U.S Will Continue to Enforce Cuban Embargo / Business Wire

U.S. official touts benefit of contacts with Cuba / Reuters

US, Cuba Trade Show Plans Finalized / AP

Repatriated Cuban boat people seek U.S. entry / Reuters

Arts Amica Sponsors First Boston Exhibition of Cuban Fine Art Collections / Business Wire

Guard repatriates Cubans after machete incident / Tampa Bay Online

Exile group wants permission to sail into Cuba / MSNBC

Some Cubans won't welcome band to Orlando / Orlando Sentinel

The Cuban opposition has already defeated Fidel Castro / Contacto Magazine

Freedom-Hating Castro /

Why Che at Maryland University? / ABIP

October 1

Guatemalan President To Visit Cuba / AP

Plan for U.S. food sales to Cuba dies in Congress / Reuters

U.S. wants more contacts with Cuban people / Reuters

Paris Club finds Cuba receptive to future debt deal / Reuters

INTERVIEW-Award delights dissident Cuban journalist / Reuters

Menem will skip meeting in Cuba /

Legislation to lift Cuban embargo was close call for supporters /

That old feeling / Miami Herald



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