November 30

FROM CUBA: Aids in Cuba / Cuba Press

FROM CUBA: Aids Cases Double in Villa Clara / Cuba Press

FROM CUBA: Heavy Rains Endanger Coffee Crop / Cuba Press

Castro, citing U.S. arrest "plot,'' shuns WTO summit / Reuters

US denies responsibility for Cuban rafter deaths / Reuters

Cuba Delegation Leaves for WTO Meet / AP

Cuban Government Enters Fight for Boy / NY Times

Venezuela's President Chavez rejects communist tag / Reuters

Cuban father wants boy back, exiles see right to asylum / Washington Times

The Future of Elian Gonzalez / NY Times

Young Refugee at Center Of International Dispute / The Washington Post

Western Union sets up service to Cuba / The News and Observer on the Web

November 29

Cuba Says It Notified U.S. of Boat / AP

Father in Cuba of boy survivor wants him sent home / Reuters

U.S. farm leader willing to meet with Castro / Reuters

Vatican Foreign Minister visits Cuba / Reuters

Exiles champion Cuban boy who survived ocean trip / Reuters

Cuba's Baseball Is Castro's Pride / AP

Sunday Special: Cuban Exports / AP

Cuba becomes a hot campaign issue in Venezuela / Reuters

Vatican Secretary For Relations With States In Cuba / Zenit

WTO Setting Congenial for Castro / AP

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Let's Indict Castro For His Crimes / The New York Post

Is Castro Coming? / The Tampa Tribune

Sovereign in Seattle / National Post

Love Letter to Havana /

Sharing the spotlight / Online US News

November 26

3 Cubans Survive Sinking / AP

Japan, Cuba agree on short-term debt rescheduling / Reuters

Cuba unstoppable, Russia derailed at v'ball World Cup / Kyodo

Boy saved at sea / Chicago Tribune

Cuba's Castro mulls U.S. trip for WTO meeting / Reuters

Ibero-American summit was defeat for U.S. - Cuba / Reuters

Castro May Attend WTO Meeting / AP

Critics Compare Chavez to Castro / AP

Sanford plan would lift Cuban travel embargo / Charleston

Cuba Goes Green / The Washington Post

November 25

FROM CUBA: Cuban farmers react to excessive taxes / CPI

FROM CUBA: The Queen of Spain Dines "Independent" in Havana / Cuba Press

Basic facts not disputed in exiles' trial / Miami Herald

St. Thomas baseball team awaits word on Cuba trip / AP

College Baseball Team May Play Cuba / AP

Japan accepts terms for deferring Cuba's debt repayment / Kyodo

Rescuers Search for Missing Cubans / AP

Arrest of Castro Called for in Miami / AP

November 24

Cuba delays start of 1999/2000 sugar harvest / Reuters

Castro makes surprise appearance at Japanese reception / Kyodo

U.S. warns Japanese business of Cuban debt / Reuters

Tommies hoping to play games in Cuba / Star Tribune

Communists trying to pull pack from direct administration / Miami Herald

Miamians: Seize Castro in Seattle / Miami Herald

Pope's Teachings Still Alive In Cuba, Says Cardinal Ortega / EWTN

Cuba: Yahoo!, Stay Home / BusinessWeek Online

Cuba's Baby Steps into the Wired World / BusinessWeek Online

November 23

Cuban parliament chief to visit Japan next year / Kyodo

Venezuela Ditches $200 Million Expansion of Refinery in Cuba / Bloomberg

Cuba Communists Asked To Pull Back / AP

Modest heroes get journalist awards from NY group / Reuters

U.S. pro-Cuba groups invite Castro to WTO meeting / Reuters

Cuba and Russia remain undefeated in world volleyball / AP

Possible Castro visit sparks outrage / Miami Herald

With Friends Like These, Does Castro Need Enemies? / Chicago Tribune

Chavez, not Castro, was the scariest speaker at summit / Miami Herald

More attention may help Cuba / Miami Herald

November 22

Cuba, Japan seek to revive meager business ties / Reuters

Japan to extend 30 mil. yen aid to Cuba / Kyodo

Buena Vista alumni unveil timeless Cuban tunes / Reuters

Japanese politico-business mission flies to Cuba / Kyod

Casamayor Retains Interim WBA Title / AP

Venezuelan Leader Backs Castro / AP

Cuba, Russia, United States still perfect in World Cup / AP

Castro May Speak to Seattle Group / AP

Witness Testifies on Castro Plot / AP

Venezuela Plans to Help Expand Operations at Cuban Refinery / AP

Cuban link to JFK assassination explored by diplomat in '63 / The National Post

Illegal trade? / CNNSI

Castro, Comrade From Venezuela Wave Team Flag / LA Times

November 19

Cuba's Castro Outduels Venezuela's Chavez in Baseball Showdown / Bloomberg

Castro and Chavez strengthen political alliance on baseball diamond / AP

Tricky Castro outwits Chavez in Latam baseball tie / Reuters

Return Falklands to Argentina, Castro says / Reuters

Cuba Opposition Asks for Opening / AP

PDVSA still mulling Cuba refinery deal / Reuters

Sotomayor Case Goes to Arbitrator / AP

Attempt falters to help families of slain Brothers aviators / Miami Herald

Coast Guard: Stories didn't hold up for men accused in Castro / Tampa Bay Online

Havana Hoedown Confronts Both Castro and U.S. / Time Magazine

Bush would continue Cuba embargo / Sun-Sentinel

Bush says trading with China much different than with Cuba / AP

Better Way to Deal With Cuba / LA Times

Latin Leftists Make Fast Friends / The Washington Post

How To Have Clout In Havana / Chicago Tribune

Crane Sends China His Kindest 'Retards' / The Washington Post

November 18

Mexico ends 40 years of unwavering Cuba support / Reuters

Even Fidel's Friends Are Saying "Enough" / Business Week Online

U.S. Republicans want Cuba blacklisted for drugs / Reuters

Venezuela to join venture at Cuba refinery-Chavez / Reuters

Cuba weighs gain, damage from Ibero-American summit / Reuters

U.S. likes Havana summit calls for democracy / Reuters

Venezuelan leader in Cuba for baseball, business / Reuters

Cuban exiles claim Ibero-American summit victory / Reuters

Burton Calls Cuba a Drug Trafficker / AP

Students eager for Cuba, soccer / The Detroit News

Cuban human-rights activist takes center stage / Miami Herald

The Right Message In Havana / Miami Herald

November 17

Summit Leaders Call for Freedom / AP

Agreements Reached at Cuba Summit / AP

Leaders Push Democracy in Cuba / AP

Cuba hears criticism, wins rebuke of U.S./ Reuters

Mexico's Zedillo, before Castro, calls for freedom / Reuters

Spain's PM Chooses Hotel to Protest Helms-Burton Act, AFP Says / Bloomberg

Leisure Canada Initiates Construction on Flagship Site in Cuba / Business Wire

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Cardinal Of Havana Meets With King Of Spain / Zenit

Spain slams control on Cubans for king's walkabout / Reuters

Fidel Castro -- rebel firebrand to elder statesman? / Reuters

Candidates Seek Cuban-American Vote / AP

Dignitaries Visiting Cuba Huddle With Dissidents / LA Times

Havana Hoedown Confronts Both Castro and U.S. /

Polls show shift: End Cuban embargo / Miami Herald

Calls For Greater Freedom End Summit / Chicago Tribune

Summit Talks Prove to Be a New Outlet for Dissidents in Cuba / NY Times

Castro's Guests Give Dissidents a Hearing / The Washington Post

Trump focuses on Cubans during visit / MSNBC

Castro vows to stay communist course / CNN

Castro dismisses democracy calls / BBC

November 16

King of Spain, in Cuba, calls for "full democracy" / Reuters

Latin Leaders Meet In Cuba for 1st Time / The Washington Post

Iberian world meets in Cuba, calls for democracy / Reuters

Spain King Reminds Castro of Rights / AP

Castro Is Consummate Host at Summit / AP

Trump tests Miami's waters for US presidential bid / Reuters

Castro Painted As Villain at Trial / AP

NEWSMAKER-Sanchez, survivor of Cuban dissidence / Reuters

Cuba News / Miami Herald

"Viva Espana!'' in Old Havana as Spanish king tours / Reuters

Castro applauds as Spain's king calls for 'full democracy' / CNN

Amid Symbols of Past, Castro Looks to Future / LA Times

An open letter of hope for dissidents / Miami Herald

November 15

Urgent action appeal / Amnisty International USA

Human rights group urges Cuba to free journalists / Reuters

Ex-East bloc dissidents vow solidarity with Cubans / Reuters

U.S. Condemns Crackdown in Cuba / AP

Heads of State Arrive in Cuba / AP

Dissidents share spotlight before Cuban summit / Reuters

Spain's king on first royal trip to Cuba / Reuters

Mexican minister meets Cuban dissident in Havana / Reuters

Bad weather in Cuba? Must be the CIA / Reuters

Cuba says U.S. meddling in Iberian world summit

Spanish investors plan Jamaican hotels / Reuters

Cuba surprised by Russian bomber flight plan / Reuters

King's visit to seal thaw in Cuba-Spain ties / Reuters

Jury To Hear Castro Murder Plot Case / AP

Cuba sees 1999 nickel output stable, oil rising / Reuters

Carlos Makes Historic Cuba Visit / AP

Cuba News / Miami Herald

Russia, Cuba to battle in final of v'ball World Cup / Kyodo

Govt Leaders Attending Ibero Summit / AP

The pen is mightier -- in Cuba, too / Raul Rivero / Miami Herald

For Cuba's Dissidents / The Washington Post

Staying with a family makes Havana hip and affordable / The Globe and Mai

Solidarity with independent librarians / Friends of Cuban Libraries

Scams, Deals And Spins In Old Havana / Chicago Tribune

Notebook / The New Republic

November 12

Spanish investors lead Latin American 'reconquest' / Reuters

At 8-Hour Briefing, Castro Puts Spin On Havana Park Clash / Chicago Tribune

ANALYSIS-Castro to hold court at Havana summit / Reuters

Russia may fly nuclear bombers to Cuba / Reuters

Cuba policy may cost Miami big Latin music awards show / Reuters

Castro defends crackdown, warns against summit protests / CNN

State Dept. Web Site Errs on Travel to Cuba / Washington Post

Castro death plot trial to start in Puerto Rico / Reuters

Enlighten Castro on pluralism, freedom / Madeleine K. Albright / Miami Herald

Juan Carlos can teach about democracy / Frank Calzón

Cuban exiles on trial for anti-Castro plot / Sun-Sentinel

Daring to Open a Crack in the Door to Cuba / NY Times

November 11

Anti-Castro march blocked, arrests reported in Cuba / Reuters

Protest at Havana park foiled / Miami Herald

Stern Castro warns dissidents after Havana fracas / Reuters

Crackdown on Dissidents in Cuba Hours Before Summit / Free Cuba Foundation

Widespread Arrests in Cuba Mark Eve of Havana Summit / PRNewswire

U.S. blocks Cuban exiles' plan to sail to Havana / Reuters

Rights group sees opportunity at Cuba summit / Reuters

Despite concern, Clinton omits Cuba as major drug-transit point / Miami Herald

Cuba expects 5-6 pct economic growth in 1999 / Reuters

Castro rebuts Clinton's "unfair'' Cuba assessment / Reuters

Puerto Rican-Cuba Documents Sought / AP

Baseball Heading To Latin America / AP

Gop Irked Cuba Not On Drug Blacklist / Chicago Tribune

Cuba pounces on anti-government protest / BBC

Dissident meeting broken up in Cuba / BBC

Return Engagement / Miami New Times

November 9

U.S. Govt. Unveils Web Site on Cuba / AP

U.S. government station boosts broadcasts to Cuba / Reuters

N.Y.-Cuba Direct Flights To Begin / AP

Cuba to file $100 bln lawsuit over U.S. embargo / Reuters

Anti-Castro hunger striker arrested in Washington / Reuters

Paraguay, Cuba Restore Relations / AP

Accused Cuban boxer "provoked'' by insults to Castro / Reuters

New York-Havana Flights Will Resume / NY Times

Contest offers youths in Cuba prizes for essays on '3 Kings' / Sun-Sentinel

Ex-FALN Members Refute Report / AP

Hitting Castro on the Web / The Washington Post

Soy Ahoy / Utne Reader

Savvy Saves Day As Cuba's Irakere Battles Acoustics / Chicago Tribune

November 8

Clinton says he could back easing Cuba sanctions / Reuters

Latam heads to condemn U.S. embargo on Cuba / Reuters

Report Links Puerto Ricans, Cubans / AP

Clinton Airs Castro Frustrations / AP

CANF Challenges Cuban Official to Answer POW Accusations of Vietnam / PRNeswire

Report: Freed Puerto Rican nationalists linked to Cuba / CNN

My Encounter With Fidel / Chicago Tribune

Excitement surrounds Chavez-Castro ballgame / The Miami Herald

Support For Ryan Is Wilting / Chicago Tribune

November 5

Before summit, Cuban police reportedly target 20 dissidents / Miami Herald

Cuba says Ibero-American heads can meet dissidents / Reuters

Cuban hunger striker says wants visa to go home / Reuters

Cuba Head Expects Successful Summit / AP

Cuba projects up to 160 mln cigar exports in 1999 / Reuters

Castro not opposed to U.S. trial of Olympic boxer / Reuters

Russia's Norilsk looking at Cuban plant

POWs Seek Names of Torturers / AP

Torturers described as Cuban / Sun-Sentinel

Pep pill keeps Castro burning /South China Morning Post

Testimony of Former American POW on Vietnam "Cuba Program" / The Washington File

House Panel Holds Hearing on Cubans in Vietnam War / The Washington File

Defense POW/MIA Office Analyst Testimony on "Cuban Program" / The Washington File

Officials seek justice in 28 year-old Cuban murder case / MSNBC News

Venezuela Plans to Begin Selling Gas Field Contracts by 2000 / Bloomberg

November 4

IAPA to Castro stop harassing independent press / Reuters

Castro said opposed to U.S. trial of Olympic boxer / Reuters

Cuba trip depressing, Ryan says / Chicago Sun-Times

Spain's Sol Melia undeterred in Cuba by U.S. threat / Reuters

Cuba speech edit was goodwill gesture: Ryan / Daily Southtown

Ryan Trying To Bring 2nd Ailing Cuban Child To U.S. / Chicago Tribune

Cuban Artists Design Christmas Cards / Zenit

El Comandante's Rant / Miami Herald

Seattleites prepare for Cuba visit, maybe Castro, to WTO meet / The Seattle Times

The good and the bad / Miami Herald

November 3

Illinois Gov. Criticized for Speech / AP

Cuba signs investment accord with Netherlands / Reuters

Cuba upholds $181 billion in claims against U.S. / Reuters

Castro Criticizes Cuban Dissidents / AP

End Cuban embargo, U.S. business leader says / The Globe and Mail

Cuba still tops / The Globe and Mail

Head of U. S. chamber of commerce rails against sanctions / The National Post

Cuba opposition plan for democracy / BBC News

Include Cuba in trade: Chamber / Toronto Star

Castro backs 'absurd' US compensation case / BBC News

November 2

FROM CUBA:Police Beat Son of Army Officer to Death / Lux InfoPress

FROM CUBA: The Irene Warning: Havana Drowns in Its Own Garbage/ Reinaldo Cosano

Castro blasts Cuba dissidents, U.S. diplomats / Reuters

Castro Attacks Dissidents on TV / AP

Fidel: US Blocking Governor's Visit / AP

Cuban cinema pokes fun at tough reality / Reuters

After defecting from Cuba, Borrell overcomes language barrier to find home in NBA / The Seattle Time

New Voice Against the Cuban Embargo / NY Times

Cubans eye 4th Cup / The Daily Yomiuri Online

These Cubans really smoke / The National Post

November 1

FROM CUBA: Garbage Piles Up in Havana / Amarilis Cortina Rey / Cuba-Verdad

Cuban Dissidents Get Rare Meeting / AP

Cubana airlines to start Havana-Geneva flights / Reuters

Medical supplies for Cuba cross border / Canoe News

Diary of a Cuban excursion / MSNBC News

Castro, Cuba leave stark impressions on trip / Chicago Sun-Times

Report: Venezuela to co-operate Cuba oil refinery / CNN

Cuban Minister Urges For More South To South Co-Operation / Africa News Online

Illinois Governor Defends Visit to Castro / The Washington Post

After 40 Years, Cuba Still Tugs At Exiles / Chicago Tribune

One Dictator at a Time / Vargas Llosa / NY Times

Distinct voices lost in generic Americana / The Globe and Mail

Latin Grammys Need a Venue; Miami Waits / LA Times



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