January, 1998



Pope's visit to Cuba stirs U.S. embargo debate / Reuters
U.S. Media Missed Pope's Message During Cuba Visit; What Did the Pope Really Say? / PRNewswire
Details released about Sen. Helms' Aid to Cuba bill / Miami Herald
U.S. says Cuba continues to trample on rights / Reuters
By recognizing Cuba, Guatemala shows independence / Miami Herald

Exile group pitches humanitarian aid for Cuba / Reuters
U.S. weighed provoking war with Cuba in 1963-document / Reuters
U.S. Says Cuba Misrepresented Talks / AP
Soccer-U.S. plays Cuba for first time in 49 years / Reuters
Cuba Remains Steadfast on Communism / AP
Records Show Plan To Provoke Castro / AP
Ché rules again in heart of Cuba / Reuters
Food-for-Cuba plan criticized / Miami Herald
One hundred years of attitude / MSNBC

Cuba reaffirms faith in communism after Pope's visit / Reuters
Officials of key U.S. Senate committee visit Cuba / Reuters
Cuba Mulls Pope's Plea on Prisoners / AP
Soccer-Pele agrees to mission in Cuba, U.S. / Reuters

Pope hopes for Polish-style change in Cuba / Reuters
Helms Aides, Cuban Official Meet / AP
Guatemala restores diplomatic ties with Cuba / Reuters
Cuba thanks Havana residents for Pope's welcome / Reuters
Cuba Won't Cut Immature Sugar / AP

Activists: Cuban Prisons Are Worse / AP
Release of Cuban Political Prisoners Predicted / Reuters
U.S. prelate says Cuban religious freedom to stay / Reuters
U.S. would consider more food, medicine for Cuba / Reuters
Exiles Depart Cuba With Hope / AP
An Atheist's Affection for a Patriarch / NY Times
Cuba Church Hopeful After Pope Tour / AP
U.S. Weighs Government Aid to Cuba / AP
Let's all heed John Paul II's message of love and truth / Miami Herald

For One Week Cuba Changes Rules / AP
Pope left Cuban Church with ammunition for change / Reuters
Pope's Five Historic Days in Cuba / AP
Pope John Paul II, Castro Texts / AP
Pope Bids Farewell to Cuba / AP
Catholic Cubans Filled Havana in 59 / AP
Cuban exiles cheer, weep at Pope's words at Mass / Reuters
Cuban Exiles Abandon Sail Attempt / AP
Cuba Promises Response on Prisoners / AP
Pope: Afro-Cuban Cults Not Religion / AP

Pope asks Cuba to free prisoners of conscience / Reuters
Excerpts From Pope's Comments / AP
Pope Visits Leprosy, AIDS Patients / AP
Four Exiles Head for Cuba / AP
U.S. Reps.: Castro Open to Religion / AP
Pope, Castro Posture in Cuban Duel / AP
Americans Again Invade Bay of Pigs / AP

Pope Advocates Freedoms in Santiago / AP
Pope Urges Cuba on Catholic Schools / AP
Cuban exiles launch secret landing mission to Cuba / Reuters
Pope Travels to Cuba's Richest City / AP
Pope slams U.S. embargo, calls for freer Cuba / Reuters
Excerpts from the Pope homily Thursday in Santa Clara, Cuba / Miami Herald
Catholics Hope for Change in Cuba / AP
Cuban baseball stars on way to U.S. salary homerun / Reuters
Pilmgrims Remember Old Cuba / AP
Pope Crowning Cuban Patron Saint / AP
Pope Extols Catholic Education / AP
Pope Gives Youth Message of Hope / AP
Pope Honors Cuban Priest Varela / AP
Excerpts from Monsignor Adolfo Rodriguez, bishop of Camaguey / Miami Herald
Vatican Suprised by Helms Letter / AP
Pope To Honor 19th-Century Priest / AP
Pope: US Embargo Is Not an Excuse/ AP
Catholic Educators Applaud Pope's Call For Educational Freedom In Cuba / PRNewswir
Canada- COBATEC starts processing Cuban nickel/cobalt / CNW
Pope, Castro Exchange Remarks / AP
Pope brings atheists and Christians together in Cuba / Reuters
Cuba's Youth Speak Out / AP
Pope Meets Castro After Attacking Communism / Reuters
Castro May Free Political Prisoners / AP
Defectors Cleared for Free Agency / AP
Hunger strikers call for change / Miami Herald

Text of Pope's Statement in Cuba / AP
Text of Castro's Welcome to Pope / AP
Cuban dissident hopes Pope visit will bring change / Reuters
Pope urges US to "change'' Cuban embargo / Reuters
Pope Begins Cuba Pilgrimage / AP
Religious Repression in Cuba / Juan Clark, Ph.D.
Pope Has Arrived in Cuba / AP
Crowd shouts of `miracle' for exiled bishop's return / Miami Herald
Music Conference To Invite Cubans / AP

Cubans Seek End to U.S. Embargo / AP
U.S.group attacks Cuba over banned journalists / Reuters
U.S. says removing all mines at Guantanamo / Reuters
Cuban exiles hope Pope will highlight repression / Reuters
Cuba sees tourism untainted by sex tours, violence / Reuters
Pope's visit brings tearful reunion of Cuban families / Reuters
For Cubans, Papal Visit Revives Religion and Fuels Hope for More Freedom / N.Y. Times
Socialism warily eyes capitalism Cuba's economy is a tangled mix of state-run firms and mom-and-pop stores / CNBC
Cuba Tries To Rediscover Religion / AP
Cuba and Church Continue to Maneuver Over Pope's Visit / N.Y. Times
History shows it's tough to get Castro to cooperate / Houston Chronicle
Castro defiant on eve of papal visit / Link to: MSNBC

2 Cuban Cyclists May Have Defected / AP
African drums welcome Pope trip to Cuba / Reuters
Cuba's Sick Await Pope's Arrival / AP
Cuba prostitutes defy clean-up before Pope visit / Reuters
Cuba denies exploiting Pope for cash / Reuters
U.S. networks flood Cuba with cash for Pope's visit / Reuters
Castro warms up to discarded faith with cold cunning / Chicago Tribune
Cubans turn to tourist trade just to survive / Irish Times
Rethinking Guantanamo base's future / Miami Herald
Why Our Cuba Policy is Wrong / Fortune

Cuba Activist: No sign of Crackdown / AP
Cuban Jews Await Pope's Arrival / AP
Faithful want priest to be saint / Miami Herald
Cuban Communists: Attend Papal Mass / AP
Cuba: Pope Won't Improve U.S. Ties / AP
Pope John Paul to visit a Cuba of contradictions / Reuters
Canny Castro asserts control over Papal visit / Reuters
Cubans joke as they prepare for Pope's arrival / Reuters
Cardinal: Pope Could Topple Castro / AP
Pope looks to bolster Church role in Cuba's future / Reuters
In Cuba, Answered Prayers / Wash. Post
The Pope Comes to Cuba / N.Y. Times
Pope asks for prayers for Cuba trip / Reuters
At South Florida Church, Division Within the Flock / Wash. Post
Cuba Denies Some Journalists Visas / AP
Max Lesnick: On Castro and the papal visit / Miami Herald
Cuba keeps stranglehold on foreign journalists / Miami Herald
Jesuit-educated revolutionary Castro admires Pope / Reuters
Pope's Entourage for Cuba Trip / AP
People Who Will Meet Pope in Cuba / AP
Cuba opens garden to honor Princess Diana's memory / Reuters
Castro mockingly invites Clinton to visit Cuba / Reuters
Spirits in soup tureens await Pope in Cuba / Reuters
Cuban Dissidents Gather in Rome / AP
Pope Trip Gives Cubans in U.S. Hope / AP
Castro urges Cubans "fill public squares'' for Pope / Reuters
Italy criticizes U.S. for embargo, Cuba for rights / Miami Herald
Cuban bishop on Havana TV explaining papal trip / Reuters
Castro to go on TV to talk of papal visit / Miami Herald
Clinton Extends Cuba Lawsuit Ban / AP
U.S., EU trade disputes flare up / Reuters
Ex-Cuban detainee stages fast for Pope's trip / Reuters
Castro: Cuba Not Abusing Pope Visit / AP
U.S. Optimistic About Pope's Visit / AP
Mines Removed at Guantanamo Base / AP
It's Castro Who Keeps His Nation in Isolation / L.A.Times
EU welcomes further U.S. waiver of Cuba sanctions / Reuters
Pope will draw on long experience when meeting Castro / Reuters
Drive to Change U.S. Stance on Cuba Intensifies
Pope's visit comes during religious revival / USA TODAY
Pontiff Hopes to Bolster Island's Catholics, Unity / Wash.Post
Shame Cuban exiles for snubbing pope / USA TODAY

Cuba Urged To Release Journalists / AP
U.S. Cuba base unmoved by Pope's Cuba visit / Reuters
Pope's visit shows isolation of U.S. policy on Cuba / Reuters
Pope's Cuba trip causes anguish, division in Miami / Reuters
Clinton May Extend Cuba Lawsuit Ban / AP
Cuba: U.S. Aid Claims Exaggerated / AP

Anti-Castro exiles unveil manifesto for democracy / Reuters
Foreign media swamp Cuba for papal visit / Reuters
U.S. says $1 billion donated to Cuba since 1992 / Reuters
Vatican says wants more from Cuba / Reuters
U.S Defends its Cuban policy / AP
German skinhead harassed Cuba boxer / AP
Cuban cardinal sees 'passage of God' in Pope's visit / Reuters

Cuba Gives Cardinal T.V. Time / AP
U.S. Restrictions on Cuba Critiqued / AP
Cuban exiles spell out transition plan / Reuters
Envoy says Pope free to say what he wants in Cuba / Reuters
U.S. issues warning ahead of Pope's Cuba visit / Reuters
France, Cuba renewed grain-sugar barter deal / Reuters
While remembering the Maine, don't forget the Virginius / Miami Herald

Archbishop of Havana to address nation on TV / Miami Herald
Turnout huge in Cuban general elections / Reuters
Infirm Pope faces tough Cuba trip / AP
Papal visit leaves Cuban exiles divided / Boston Globe
Pro-Democracy Broadcasts to Cuba Muddled at the Source / L.A.Times
Pedro Pan—'60s evacuation of Cuban kids created broken families / Chicago Tribune
In focus: Defectors revel in freedom / USA Today

Castrophobia / Emily Rodríguez, APLO
Afro-Cubans say Catholics have slighted their religions / Miami Herald
Rare fish tale makes history / Miami Herald
Professor plans to sue CIA over Cuba airlift papers / Miami Herald
Vatican denies Pope had dizzy spell / AP
Cuba is not changing, Castro says / Reuters
Castro coy about religious beliefs / AP
Cuba's papal windfall / Miami Herald
Defector to showcase his talent / AP
Spy bug found in Cuba room Pope to visit - paper / Reuters
Hernandez Says Cuba Was Out to Get Him / Reuters
Pope Says He Hopes Trip to Cuba Will Strengthen Island's Church / W. Post
Pope salutes Cuba's 'courageous' Catholics / Miami Herald
American Airlines won't use own plane for Cuba pilgrimage / Miami Herald
Revolutionary Moves / L.A. Times
Cuba steps up preparations for Pope visit / Reuters
Exiles plan to land in Cuba during Pope visit / Reuters
Cuban cardinal calls for real dialogue with state

Letra of the Year from Cuba - 1998 / Manuel David Orrio
Baseball defector to Costa Rica / AP
Don't read politics into Pope's visit -Cuban minister / Reuters
Flight to Cuba for pope's visit filling up fast / Miami Herald
Pope's Visit, Clash of Catholicism and Communism / PRNewswire
Cachao to Jazz Up Philharmonic / Sun-Sentinel - Ft. Lauderdale

Cuban baseball defectors look around for Nicaragua / Reuters
Cuba HIV infection increased in 1997 - officials / Reuters
Miami Cubans on plane pilgrimage to see Pope / Reuters
Pope John Paul II's Historic Visit to Cuba to be Covered Live On Odyssey / Business Wire
Tourism - the Industry of Cuba's Next Century / Inter Press Services

Eight people drown trying to escape from Cuba / Edel José García Díaz, CNP
Sen. Fights for Cuban defectors / AP
U.S. cardinal says Cubans ready for Catholic message / Reuters
Cuban ballplayer Hernandez's wife said now in U.S. / Reuters
A Generation Tunes Out Miami's anti-Castro radio stations lose listeners / C.S. Monitor
Engage Cuba, then watch it open up / MSNBC

Analysis of a document issued by the Communist Party of Cuba / Emily Rodríguez, APLO
The Country We Want / Jesús Zúñiga, APIC
Cuban defector sticks by friends / AP
Castro tours U.S. research vessel / AP

Goodbye, Year of the Ox / M.D. Orrio
Pope sends Castro new year greetings / AP
Fla. Pitcher wants brother in U.S. / AP
Shine like stars, cardinal tells Cuban children / Reuters
China invest in Cuban tourist resort / Reuters
Cardinal Returns From Cuba / AP
Cuban Defector Waits for Friends / AP
U.S. oceanography vessel visits Havana port / Reuters
Cuba schoolboys to get shorts pants / AP
The Pope in Cuba: Economic and Religious Implications / PRNewswire

Cuban pitcher may stay in Bahamas / AP
Cubans Catholics celebrate "year of papal visit" / Reuters
Cuba boasted lower infant mortality rate / AP
U.S. Cardinal Holds Mass in Cuba / AP
Critics blast Cuba food curbs / AP
Pope sees in 1998, calls for justice, peace / Reuters
Cuba squeezes TV networks over Pope / AP
Cuba's Castro greets first Concorde / AP
Mother of Cuba baseball defector wants him to play / Reuters
In Cuba 'I am political prey' but truly free / Miami Herald

Cuban Pitcher Can Enter U.S. / AP


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